Ekkoes from the Hart
Canada in 1864 A Hand-Book for Settlers
An Address Delivered on the 26th of December 1849
Maud and Other Poems
Norman County Minnesota in the World War
The True Philosophy of Teaching the Young to Read Including the Alphabet Spelling and Elementary Sounds of the English Language
Public School Law of North Carolina Chapter 15 of the Code
This Mystical Life of Ours
Maryland 1633 to 1776 Being an Account of the Main Currents in the Political and Religious Development of Maryland as a Proprietary Province
A Social Lion
An Unconditional Surrender A Comedy in Three Acts
A Few Rhymes Songs and Facts
History of the First Presbyterian Church of Babylon Long Island from 1730 to 1912
Eugene A Poem in the Measure of Spenser
Letters Addressed to John Sergeant Manuel Eyre Volume 1
Open Love A Romance of Greenwich Village
Poems by Juan Lewis
How to Bat
Here and There
Report on the Culture of Sumac in Sicily and Its Preparation for Market in Europe and the United States
The Poultry Yard and Market a Practical Treatise on Gallinoculture and Description of a New Process for Hatching Eggs and Raising Poultry for Which Several Gold Medals and Diplomas Have Been Awarded to the Author
A Letter to Mr Archdeacon Echard Upon Occasion of His History of England
Rebel Brag and British Bluster A Record of Unfulfilled Prophecies Baffled Schemes and Disappointed Hopes
A Synoptical Catalogue of British Birds Intended to Identify the Species Mentioned by Different Names in Several Catalogues Already Extant Forming a Book of Reference to Observations on British Ornithology
Report of the Hydraulic Lime of Teil
The Primary Reader Designed for the Younger Reading Classes in Common Schools in the United States
Slavery Sanctioned by the Bible
The Heroic Periods in a Nations History an Appeal to the Soldiers of the American Armies
Facts Tending to Prove That General [C] Lee Was Never Absent from This Country for Any Length of Time During the Years 1767 1772 and That He Was the Author of Junius
Life Work of James Compton Burnett
An Answer to Dr Edmund Calamys Letter to Mr Archdeacon Echard Upon Occasion of His History of England
The Causes of Germanys Moral Downfall
Secret History of the Perfidies Intrigues and Corruptions of the Tyler Dynasty with the Mysteries of Washington City Connected with That Vile Administration in a Series of Letters to the Ex-Acting President by One Most Familiar with the Subject
Precis de Chimie Industrielle A LUsage Des Ecoles Preparatoires Aux Professions Industrielles Des Fabricants Et Des Agriculteurs
Three Essays on Grace Faith and Experience Wherein Several Gospel Truths Are Stated and Illustrated and Their Opposite Errors Pointed Out
The United States Since 1908
Conversion Its Nature and Importance Illustrated by Examples from Real Life
The Sirens Three A Poem
Addresses on the Civil Sabbath from a Patriotic and Humanitarian Standpoint
To Establish an Independent Health Service
A Discovery of the Author of the Letters of Junius [By J Taylor]
War Experiences and the Story of the Vicksburg Campaign from Millikens Bend to July 4 1863 Being an Accurate and Graphic Account of Campaign Events Taken from the Diary of Capt JJ Kellogg of Co B 113th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Volume 1
Decapolis Or the Individual Obligation of Christians to Save Souls from Death
The Interest of England How It Consists in Unity of the Protestant Religion
The New American Third Reader
Classic Tales Designed for the Instruction and Amusement of Young Persons
A Chat about Samuel Merwin
The Healing Attempt Being a Representation of the Government of the Church of England
Fashions and Follies of Washington Life a Play in Five Acts
Dies Irae
Marican And Other Poems
The Life and Adventures of the Lady Lucy The Daughter of an Irish Lord Who Marryd a German Officer and Was by Him Carryd Into Flanders Where He Became Jealous of Her and a Young Nobleman His Kinsman Whom He Killd and Afterwards Left Her Wounded a
The Itinerants Wife Her Qualifications Duties Trials and Rewards
Christmas Carols and Other Verses
Discourse Delivered on the Day of the Funeral of President Lincoln Wednesday April 19 1865 In St Pauls Church New York Volume 2
The Baptism of Infants a Reasonable Service Founded Upon Scripture and Undoubted Apostolic Tradition
The River of Life and Other Poems
Through Broken Reeds Verses
James Martineau The Story of His Life
Fortieth Anniversary Lowell Mass May 9th and 11th 1879
The Preachers Protests Religion Politics Bigotry
Spring in London A Poem on the Nature of Things
Sketches of Green Mountain Life With an Autobiography of the Author
An Address to Rich Professors of Vital Godliness the Homeward Bound and Other Original Poems
Garcia Or the Noble Error A Tragedy in Five Acts
Rhymes Here and There by the Merry Rhymster of the AGO
Off the Face of the Earth A Story of Possibilities
A Dissertation on the Influence of the Passions Upon Disorders of the Body Being the Essay to Which the Fothergillian Medal Was Adjudged
Mrs Samuel Ripley Letters to Ralph Waldo Emerson His Sister and Other Noted People of Concord and Vicinity
Nimrod A Drama
Cornell Scribblings
Punchs Letters to His Son Corrected and Ed [Really Written] by D Jerrold
The American Union A Discourse Delivered on Thursday December 12 1850 the Day of the Annual Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania and Repeated on Thursday December 19 in the Tenth Presbyterian Church Philadelphia
Introduction to the Study of United States History
With Brush and Pen A Manual of the Newer and More Artistic Phases of Public School Art Instruction
A Key to Butlers Edition of Walkingames Tutors Companion Or Complete Practical Arithmetic
A Contribution to History Edwin M Stanton His Character and Public Services on the Eve of Rebellion as Presented in a Series of Papers
Compressed Air A Treatise on the Production Transmission and Use of Compressed Air
An Apology for the Freedom of the Press and for General Liberty to Which Are Prefixed Remarks on Bishop Horsleys Sermon Preached [Before the Lords] on the Thirtieth of January Last
On the Firing Line with the Sunday-School Missionary
The Little Heroine of Poverty Flat A True Story
Lost and Won A Rhyme of Dark and Daybreak
A Testimony to the Free Grace of God
A Vindication of the Paradise Lost from the Charge of Exculpating Cain a Mystery
Fascination or the Philosophy of Charming Illustrating the Principles of Life in Connection with Spirit and Matter
Gospel Echoes A Choice Collection of Songs for Use in the Sunday-School Prayer and Praise Meetings and the Home Circle
Reasons for Abrogating the Test Imposed Upon All Members of Parliament Anno 1678 Octob 30
Vissch A Book of Sketches Rhymes and Other Matters
Anton Woensam Von Worms Maler Und Xylograph Zu Koln
A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Oxford by R Bagot at His Fourth Visitation
Traits of Character Pursuits Manners Customs and Habits Manifested by the Inhabitants of the North-Eastern States in Their Common Pursuits of Life
The Tomb of Perneb
The Pilgrims Staff
The Auld Scotch Mither and Other Poems in the Dialect of Burns
Documents Relative to the Claim of Mrs Decatur
Evadne Or the Statue
Illustrated Poetry and Song Being Selections from the Best English and American Poets
Causes of the Maryland Revolution of 1689
Geraint of Devon
Tell It Again Stories
Lynn Pictures
A Unit in Agriculture An Outline Course of Study and Students Laboratory Manual for Teachers and Students in Secondary Schools
A Key to Chases Common School Arithmetic With Explanations and Remarks Upon the Peculiar Features of the Work and Operations of the More Difficult Examples
Outlines of Instruction in the Needle-Working Trade
Musings on a Locomotive
The Rejected Voice A Song of Genius Slain
Life and Writings of Thomas R Malthus
Sacra Privata Private Meditations and Prayers
The Case of the Opposition Impartially Stated
What Prohibition Has Done to America
The Church Visible in All Ages
The Frozen Grail and Other Poems
Citizen Soldiers Essays Towards the Improvement of the Volunteer Force
Catalogue of the Library of the Iron and Steel Institute
Science in the School A Course of Experimental Science and Nature - Study with Teaching Hints
Whimsical Rimes
Delays in Chancery Considered with Practical Suggestions for Their Prevention or Removal
Discourses on Christian Nurture
The Elements of Latin Syntax
Some Historical Account of Guinea Its Situation Produce and the General Disposition of Its Inhabitants With an Inquiry Into the Rise and Progress of the Slave Trade Its Nature and Lamentable Effects
The Life of Mohammed Ali Viceroy of Egypt to Which Are Appended the Quadruple Treaty [C]
Elementary Statics
The Inhumanity of Socialism The Case Against Socialism a Critique of Socialism Two Papers the First Read Before the League of the Republic at the University of California December the Fifth Nineteen Hundred and Thirteen and the Second Read Before
The Little King
Venice Volume 1
The Ecclesiastical Institutions of Holland
Valparaiso High School Annua Volume Yr1911
Shakespeare a Lawyer
On the Systematic Position of the Brachiopoda
Constitution By-Laws and Rules of Order of Petaluma Lodge No 30 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of the State of California Instituted September 30th 1854
A Course of Operative Surgery
Items of Ancestry
Poems of the Day and Year
The Building Laws of Human Character Or Every Mans Monitor
Pilkertons Peerage A Comedy in Four Acts
In Memoriam REV John Wilson MA PHD United Presbyterian Church Sandyford Glasgow
The Task of Rationalism
The Last Illness and Decease of His Royal Highness the Duke of York Being a Journal of Occurrences Which Took Place Between the 9th of June 1826 and the 5th of January 1827
St Paul and the Christians Triumph
Memoir of Hannah Bassett With Extracts from Her Diary
Poetical Pieces Sacred and Secular In Which Are Included Several Poems Specially Designed for Children
Eldren of Erin
The Land of Music Laughter and Love
Gone West By a Soldier Doctor
Excelsior Dialogues
Rosemary A Book of Verse
Her Cavemans Letters and Hers in Reply
Natural-History Plays Dialogues and Recitations for School Exhibitions
Occult Experiences A True Narrative of Experiences in the Present Time and Deductions Therefrom
Mental Culture or Hints on the Cultivation of the Mind Addressed Especially to Young Men Engaged
Four Lectures Delivered in Substance to the Brahmos in Bombay and Poona
Personal Rights and Sexual Wrongs
Indian Legendary Poems and Songs of Cheer
The Lords Song And Other Sermons
The Doomed Turk the End of the Eastern Question A Series of Ten Essays Reviewing the Historical Evidences in Parallel with the Prophecies Foretelling the Fortunes of Esau (the Turk) and Jacob (the British) Showing That the Birthright and the East
The Family the State and the School
Medical Research and Human Welfare A Record of Personal Experiences and Observations During a Professional Life of Fifty-Seven Years
The Immortality of the Soul in the Poems of Tennyson and Browning by Henry Jones
La Malattia Democratica Nel Secolo XIX
Notes for Army Medical Officers
Things as They Are Or Federalism Turned Inside Out!! Being a Collection of Extracts from Federal Papers C and Remarks Upon Them Originally Written For and Published in the Evening Post
A Review of the Mexican War on Christian Principles And an Essay on the Means of Preventing War
A Charge Delivered to the Clergy and Churchwardens of the Diocese of Peterborough
Character Some Talks to Young Men
The Adventures of Signor Gaudentio Di Lucca [Pseud]
The False and the True A Psychic Phantasmagoria of the Resurrection in Epic Verse with Sub-Headings Illustrations and Comments
S P Q R A Metrical Drama of an Attempt Upon the Imperial Authority of Titus Flavius Eleventh Caesar
A Catalogue of the Pictures Drawings Sketches
Two Discourses Preached Before the First Congregational Society in Medford
Pagan and Puritan The Octavius of Minucius
Mr Websters Speeches at Buffalo Syracuse and Albany May 1851 Volume 2
A Happy Boy
Letters from Lord Brougham to William Forsyth
Les Anglais En Egypte LAngleterre Et Le Madhi Arabi Et Le Canal de Suez
A Night on the Banks of Doon and Other Poems
Progressive Democracy in Religion Or Rejoinder of Clericus to Scrutator
The War and Culture A Reply to Professor Munsterberg
Letters Addressed to Thomas Hearne MA of Edmund Hall
Washington a Christian A Discourse Preached February 23 1862 in the First Reformed Presbyterian Church Philadelphia
The Strike and Other Poems
The Open Court Volume 36 No788
Key to the Franklin Written Arithmetic
Primary History of the United States
Tomorrows Yesterday a Book of Poems
Pasture Plants and Pastures of New Zealand
The Dante Collections in the Harvard College and Boston Public Libraries
Toot Yer Horn and Other Poems
Phelps Bee-Keepers Chart Being a Brief Practical Treatise on the Instinct Habits and Management of the Honey-Bee in All Its Various Branches
A Catalogue of Hemiptera in the Collection of the REV F W Hope with Short Latin Descriptions of the New Species
Random Recollections of Worcester Mass 1839-1843 Being Remarks Made at a Meeting of the Worcester Society of Antiquity Held June 3rd 1884
The Last Days of Jesus Christ
The Wandering Singer and His Songs and Other Poems
The Village Post-Office
The Childs Book of Nature For the Use of Families and Schools Intended to Aid Mothers and Teachers in Training Children in the Observation of Nature
James Boswell
The Necessity for a Reorganization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Six Anthems
An Essay on the Formation of Harbours of Refuge and the Improvement of the Navigation of Rivers and Sea Ports by the Adoption of Moored Floating Constructions as Breakwaters
On the Reverence Due to Holy Places by the Author of Remarks on English Churches
The Nativity Cantata for Solo and Chorus with Accompaniment for the Piano
The Dissenting Gentlemans Answer to Mr Whites Three Letters In Which a Separation from the Establishment Is Fully Justified [Lc by M Towgood]
Paradise Lost Books I and II
Questions on Select Portions of the Four Evangelists
Theological and Semitic Literature for the Year[s] 1898-[1901] a Supplement to the American Journal of Theology and the American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literatures
Miltons Paradise Lost Books I and II Comus Lycidas Il Penseroso and LAllegro with Intr Notes and Glossary by JG Davis
Without a Name And Other Poems
Mothers and Daughters A Comedy
The Temple of Friendship and Other Poems
LAllegro Il Penseroso and Lycidas with Life of Milton Introd and Notes
A Study of Chronic Glanders in Man
An Abstract of General Geography
Arcades With Introduction Notes and Indexes
Comus a Maske Presented at Ludlow Castle 1634
Questions on the Principles of Economics
Express Trains English and Foreign Being a Statistical Account of All the Express Trains of the World
The Tutors Expeditious Assistant Being a System of Practical Arithmetic 1st Lond Ed Stereotyped
Equilibrium in the Systems Silver Bromide and Pyridine and Silver Iodide and Pyridine
Anti-Christian Cults An Attempt to Show That Spiritualism Theosophy and Christian Science Are Devoid of Supernatural Powers and Are Contrary to the Christian Religion
General Investigations of Curved Surfaces of 1827 and 1825
Petrarch and His Influence on English Literature
The Mormon Problem the Nations Dilemma A New Data New Method Involving Leading Questions of the Day
French Criticism of American Literature Before 1850 Volume 19
The Pedigree of Disease Being Six Lectures on Temperament Idiosyncrasy and Diathesis
Annual Report Town of Campton NH Volume 1921
In Cloisters Dim
The Christian Doctrine of Forgiveness of Sin An Essay
Hereditary Peers and Hereditary Paupers The Two Extremes of English Society
Annual Report Town of Campton NH Volume 1911
Picture of a Factory Village To Which Are Annexed Remarks on Lotteries
The Widow of the City of Nain And Other Poems
Tractate of Education
Back to the Old Stones Age
Treatment of Juvenile Delinquents
A Letter on Shakspeares Authorship of the Two Noble Kinsmen
A Reporters Lincoln
Die Wahre Und Die Falsche Unfehlbarkeit Der Papste Zur Abwehr Gegen Hrn Prof Dr Schulte
Miltons Minor Poems
The Oldest Code of Laws in the World the Code of Laws Promulgated by Hammurabi King of Babylon B C 2285-2242
Guilty! A Tribute to the Bottom Man And a Plain Reply to Not Guilty a Defence of the Bottom Dog by Mr R Blatchford
The Wrathful Patriot A Satire on National Evils
How a Soldier May Succeed After the War The Corporal with the Book
America Triumphant Under God and His Christ
Stephen Trachts Life and Experience
Inda A Legend of the Lakes With Other Poems
An Entire New and Improved Edition of Moral and Interesting Epitaphs And Remarkable Monumental Inscriptions With Miscellaneous Poems C C
The Religious Basis of a Better World Order an Application of Christian Principles to World Affairs
La Dottrina Della Ratihabitio Studii
The Rejected Voice A Song of Genius Slain
Science Prayer Free Will Miracles an Essay Repr from the Dublin Review
Sonnets and Other Short Poems Chiefly on Sacred Subjects
Sunday Reflections for the Church Year
Bettys Bright Idea Also Deacon Pitkins Farm and the First Christmas of New England
I Minorenni Nei Discorsi Dei Pubblici Ministeri - Orfani - Delinquenti - Corrigendi)
Apollo to Christ and Other Verse
Lord Bacon Not the Author of the Christian Paradoxes Being a Reprint of Memorials of Godliness and Christianity
Down West And Other Sketches of Irish Life
In the Likeness of Men Short Studies in the Life of Our Lord on Earth
The Second Year of the Look-About Club
Medical Testimony and Evidence in Cases of Lunacy Being the Croonian Lectures Delivered Before the Royal College of Physicians in 1853 With an Essay on the Conditions of Mental Soundness
The Story of Ulysses S Grant for Young Readers
Some Recollections of a Blameless Life
Historical Sketch of the Distribution of Land in England with Suggestions for Some Improvement in the Law [Electronic Resource]
Story of the Constitution of the United States
Cannibals of Finance Fifteen Years Contest with the Money Trust
New Jersey Hand-Book of Agriculture
The Heart of Mother-To-Be
Speech of Edmund Burke Esq on American Taxation April 19 1774
Ideala A Romance of Idealism
Narcissa Or the Road to Rome In Verona
Fort Leavenworth and the Soldiers Home
Sober Thoughts on Staple Themes
Annual Report of the Trustees of the State Library Volume 65
Tumbling for Amateurs
The Holy Grail and Other Poems
Correspondence of Thomas Ebenezer Thomas
La Poudre Aux Yeux Comedie En Deux Actes
Colloquia Peripatetica
Sesame and Lilies Two Lectures Delivered at Manchester in 1864
Outline of an Action Under the Ontario Judicature ACT Showing at a Glance the Procedure Under the ACT and Rules An Adaptation of Mr Herbert E Boyles Precis of an Action Under the English Judicature Acts and Rules
Fireside Fancies
The Holy Christ-Child A Devotional Study of the Incarnation of the Son of God
Descriptions of New Species of Fossils From the Cretaceous Formations of Nebraska with Observations Upon Baculites Ovatus and B Compressus and the Progressive Development of the Septa in Baculites Ammonites and Scaphites
The Times And Other Poems
Phonography in the Office A Complete Shorthand Clerks Guide Chwith Chapters on Special Preparation Including Business Phrases and Contractions Letters C
Sermon Notes
The Winslow Register
Her First Appearance
A Review of the True Nature of Schisme With a Vindication of the Congregationall Churches in England
Health Holiness A Study of the Relations Between Brother Ass the Body and His Rider the Soul
Problemes DAnalyse Infinitesimale Et de Mecanique Concours DAgregation Annees 1841 a 1851
Monsieur Beaucaire
Middle Ground Or Between East and West a Christmas Story
The Young Adventurer
Foibles of the Bar
Good Measure A Novel of S African Interest
Missions Striking Home A Group of Addresses on a Phase of the Missionary Enterprise
Riverside Recipe Book
Zion Builders Sermons A Series of Sermons Addressed to the Young People of the Church
Educational Comparisons or Remarks on Industrial Schools in England Germany and Switzerland
Parent and Child a Treatise on the Moral and Religious Education of Children
A Question of the Water and of the Land
Book-Lovers Bibliomaniacs and Book Clubs
Sea Stories for Wonder Eyes
Costs Costs in Actions Not Above 20 in Contract and Not Above 5 in Tort in the Superior Courts Or How and When to Obtain a Certificate Rule Order or Suggestion for Costs with Forms of Affidavits C
Captain Myles Standish His Lost Lands and Lancashire Connections A New Investigation
Key to the Problems in Averys School Physics
Good Gracious Annabelle A Romantic Farce Comedy in Three Acts
The Theology of Modern Fiction Being the Twenty-Sixth Fernley Lecture Delivered in Liverpool July 1896
Michigan and Its Resources Sketches of the Growth of the State Its Industries Agricultural Productions Institutions and Means of Transportation
Conversations on Religious Subjects Between a Father and His Two Sons
The Political Scene An Essay on the Victory of 1918
Memorial Exercises in Honor of Henry Williams Sage
Maxims Observations Reflections on Morality and Religion Selected from Various Authors by T Nixon
Islam A Prelection Delivered Before the University of Dublin March 10 1903
Childe Harolds Pilgrimage A Romaunt Volume 2
On the Prevention of Accidents in Mines
History of the Missisco Valley
The Metals in Antiquity
A Report on Bovine Tuberculosis
Assyria and Babylonia A List of References in the New York Public Library
Fifty More Sonnets on Various Subjects
Forget Thine Own People An Appeal to the Home Church for Foreign Missions 3 Lectures
William Windom His Last Speech Annual Banquet of the New York Board of Trade and Transportation
Ethics of the Great Religions
The Religious Problem in India Four Lectures Delivered During the Twenty-Sixth Annual Convention of the Theosophical Society at Adyar Madras 1901
Mental Culture Or Hints on the Cultivation of the Mind Addressed Especially to Young Men Engaged in Commercial Pursuits
Farewell Discourses Delivered at South Place Chapel Finsbury London
The Teaching of the Holy Scriptures for Young Peoples Classes in All Evangelical Churches An Outline Study
Apulei Quae Fertur Physiognomonia Quando Composita Sit
Rhymes from the Rhineland
Songs of Exile by Hebrew Poets
Devotional Services for Public Worship On the Basis of Those Prepared
Polly an Opera Being the Sequel to the Beggars Opera Now Freely Adapted by Clifford Bax
Rachel A Tale
Sea Moss Poems
The House of Scindea A Sketch
Priestcraft Distinguishd from Christianity
An Ode to Bournemouth and Other Poems
Spiritual Perspective and Other Sermons
The Gold-Seeker
Economic Morals Four Lectures
The Mystery at the Carrol Ranch A Story of the Southwest
John Bancroft Devins a True Greatheart
The Street of Faces Glimpses of Town
Admetus A Thessalian Fantasy
Addresses at the Funeral of Henry George Sunday October 31 1897
Through St Dunstans to Light
The Second Coming and Other Poems 1919-1921
The Tennessee Flora With Special Reference to the Flora of Nashville Phaenogams and Vascular Cryptogams
My Vagabonds
Sunset Ryhmes Or a Few Little Rhymes I Have Told a Few Times to a Child I Know When the Sun Was Low
Perfection in Baking
The Great Case of Tithes Truly Stated Clearly Opend and Fully Resolvd
Proverbs for the People
The Beet Sugar Industry of the United States
700 French Terms for American Field Artillerymen
Tobacco Soils of the United States A Preliminary Report Upon the Soils of the Principal Tobacco Districts
The Relation of Quickness of Learning to Retentiveness
Rhymes of the Stream and Forest
Across the Isthmus to California in 52
Seaweeds from the Shores of Nantucket
Songs and Poems Dedicated to the Benevolent Association of Protection Engine Company No 5 of Melrose New York
The Gardenette
My German Correspondence Concerning Germanys Responsibility for the War and for the Method of Its Conduct
Two Months Abroad Or a Trip to England France Baden Prussia and Belgium In August and September 1843
Combination Telegraph Code
Specifications for the Uniform of the United States Army
The Color Line in Ohio A History of Race Prejudice in a Typical Northern State
Review of the Serpent Uncoiled Or of the Full Length Portrait of Universalism
Advent Sermons
Elementary Latin Grammar
A Treatise on the Transformation of the Intestinal Flora With Special Reference to the Implantation of Bacillus Acidophilus
Yzdra A Tragedy in Three Acts
Memoirs of a Stomach Written by Himself That All Who Eat May Read
Some Phases of the Negro Question
Fiftieth Anniversary of the Hartford Medical Society Founded September 15 1846
Rational Physic Or the Art of Healing Founded and Explained on Principles of Reason and Experience to Which Is Added a Family Dispensatory by W Samson
Old-Fashioned Roses
Anthony Aston Stroller and Adventurer To Which Is Appended Astons Brief Supplement to Colley Cribbers Lives And a Sketch of the Life of Anthony Aston Written by Himself
Washington the Hero and Statesman Eulogy
Paynes Tragedy of Brutus Or the Fall of Tarquin
The True Worshippers According to the Ritual of the Church of England
Clinical Treatises on the Pathology and Therapy of Disorders of Metabolism and Nutrition Part 5
On the Establishment of the Thermodynamic Scale of Temperature by Means of the Constant-Pressure Thermometer
Cleone A Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden Written by R Dodsley
Personal Responsibility of Man Sermons Preached in Oxford by the Lord Bishop of Oxford [And Others]
Faulkners History of the Revolution in the Southern States
The Childs History of the United States
Anne Gilchrist and Walt Whitman
An Old Fly Book and Other Stuff
The Oriental Christ
Hash Chopped Seasoned and Warmed Up
Rooses Companion and Guide to Washington and Vicinity
From Tide to Timber-Line Poems and Dialect Verse
A Voice from the Silence
People (Thither Coming Out of a Region Wherein Disasters Are Met as If They Were a Jest) Whom You May Meet at the Fair
The Souls Voice
Prayers for Morning and Evening To Which Are Added General Prayers for Either Occasion
Edward Carpenter His Ideas and Ideals
War A Play in Three Acts
Kenridge Hall and Other Poems
Children of God and Winged Things
Papers on Godliness Being Reports of a Series of Addresses Delivered at Jamess Hall London W During 1881
Monsieur DOr A Dramatic Fantasy
The Shepherd of the Wissahickon And Other Poems
Alls Well! Some Helpful Verse for These Dark Days of War
Observations on the Redemption of Man on Divine Worship and on the Partaking of the Flesh and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ
A Manual of Prayers for the Use of the Scholars of Winchester College [By T Ken] by T Ken
Memoir of Mrs Hetta L Ward With Selections from Her Writings
In a Garden and Other Poems
Educational Creeds of the Nineteenth Century
New Rubaiyat from a Southern Garden
Golden Lark A Symphony of Reincarnation in Seven Tableaux
Woman A Poem
Our First Ten Thousand
Froebel Materials to Aid a Comprehension of the Work of the Founder of the Kindergarten
The Old Wives Tale 1595
Textbook of Nursing Procedures
Golden Treasury Readers Book 2
Extracts from Rules of the House and Senate Relating to the Powers and Duties of the Committees on Appropriations and Certain Laws Concerning Appropriations Estimates Departmental Service Etc January 1 1916
The Progressive Course in Spelling In Two Parts
The Exchanged Identity
Catalogue of the First Exhibition of Portraits in the Cambridge Antiquarian Societys Collection And Cambridge Caricatures to 1840 Held in the Fitzwilliam Museum May and June 1908
The Life of William McKinley Twenty-Fifth President of the United States
Christ Christianity and the Bible
Annual Report of the Commissioner of Industrial Statistics Made to the General Assembly
Elementary Chemistry A Laboratory Manual
Further Researches Concerning Atomic Weights and Potassium Silver Chlorine Bromine Nitrogen and Sulphur
Report of Her Majestys Civil Service Commissioners Together with Appendices Volume 38
Serious Remonstrances Addressed to the Citizens of the Northern States and Their Representatives Being an Appeal to Their Natural Feelings Common Sense Consisting of Speculations and Animadversions on the Recent Revival of the Slave Trad in the Am
The Mission of the Church Four Lectures Delivered in June 1892 in the Cathedral Church of St Asaph
The Rosary or Beads of Love [Verse] with the Poem of Sula
Children of the Arctic
China and the Powers Chapters in the History of Chinese Intercourse with Western Nations
The Crown Atlas of Historical Geography Constructed and Engr by E Weller and Descriptive Letterpress by WF Collier
The Wrestler of Philippi A Tale of the Early Christians
Outline Studies in the History of Education
Marriage and Divorce
Forestry Problems in the United States
Muggleton College Its Rise and Fall
Sugar Beet Seed History and Development
Tributes to Theodore Parker Comprising the Exercises at the Music Hall on Sunday June L7 L860 with the Proceedings of the New England Anti-Slavery Convention at the Melodeon May 31 and the Resolutions of the Fraternity and the Twenty-Eighth Congre
First Book of Religion
(Kidds Essays and Sketches)
Shakespearean Studies
Rose Hartwick Thorpe and the Story of Curfew Must Not Ring To-Night
A Masque--The Story of the Nativity for the Commonwealth of Los Angeles
Free Synagogue Pulpit Sermons and Addresses Volume 2
Memoir on the Cholera at Oxford in the Year 1854
Theistic Problems Essays on the Existence of God and His Relationship to Man
Personal Memorials of Daniel Webster Including a Sketch of His Public Life and the Particulars of His Death
Celebration of the Ninety-Ninth Anniversary of American Independence In Fairmount Park Philadelphia July 5th 1875
Sacred Literature
Hand-Book of Volapuk
Political History Since 1815 (Excluding the United States)
Americas Arraignment of Germany
Jerusalem Pictorial and Descriptive
Bible Waters Instructive and Descriptive Lessons
An Essay on a Congress of Nations For the Adjustment of International Dispute Without Resort to Arms Containing the Substance of the Rejected Essays on That Subject with Original Thoughts and a Copious Appendix
Religious and Moral Ideas in Babylonia and Assyria
Phases of Religion Addresses on the Form of Religion Proper to Various Periods of Life
Passages in the Life and Ministry of Elbert Osborn
Instinct and Reason Definitively Separated And Consequently Including an Answer to The Vexata Quaestio of Brute Reasoning Which Has So Long Perplexed the Ablest Writers on That Important Point
The Society of Friends An Enquiry Into the Causes of Its Weakness as a Church
The Jewish Law of Marriage and Divorce in Ancient and Modern Times And Its Relation to the Law of the State
Nine Months in the United States During the Crisis
New Light on Living
Life in the Invisible Thoughts on the State of the Blessed Dead
Jesus Banquet Or Monthly Meditations at the Table of the Lord
American Trade Unionism
Dairy Laboratory Guide
Vom Neuen Jerusalem Und Dessen Himmlichen Lehre Nebst Einem Vorbericht Vom Neuen Himmel Und Der Neuen Erde
The Prison Officers Hand Book Containing Laws Relative to Prisons Digest of the Decisions of the Supreme Judicial Court Also Opinions of the Attorney General Concerning Prison Matters List of Penal Institutions Etc
What Is Free Trade An Adaptation of Frederick Bastiats Sophismes Economiques Designed for the American Reader
Bulwers Roman the Last of the Barons
Westminster Abbey A Short History and Description of the Church and Conventual Buildings with Notes on the Monuments Volume 42
Annals of the Town of Keene to 1815
The History of Little Jack Embellished with Numerous Wood Engravings
The Great Issue Or the Three Presidential Candidates Being a Brief Historical Sketch of the Free Soil Question in the United States from the Congresses of 1774 and 87 to the Present Time
Administrative Report of the State Geologist
Summary of Statutes of Alabama Affecting Railroad Corporations
Administration Report on the Jails of Bengal for the Year 1876
What You Want to Say and How to Say It in French
Annual Report Issue 52
Wild Flowers of Youth Gathered Into a Bouquet in Old Age [Poems]
Metallic Book Stacks and Furniture for Libraries Metallic Filing Devices and Furniture for Vaults and Offices
The Crash of the Gold Combine or Good Gold Cheap
Biographical Sketch Personal and Descriptive of Sylvanus B Phinney of Barnstable Mass on His Eightieth Anniversary October 27 1888
Biennial Report Volume 5
National Contest Containing Portraits and Biographies of Our National Favorites President Clevelands Message and Reply by Hon James G Blaine Election Statistics and National Platforms Also Tariff Discussions
Some Inquiries Concerning Human Sacrifices Among the Romans Preceded by a Reprint of the Correspondence Between Mr Macaulay Sir Robert Peel and Lord Mahon Upon the Same Subject
Mr Gladstone and the Nationalities of the United Kingdom
Things to Be Thought of Addressed to the Young
The Pastoral Epistles With Introduction and Notes
Earth Sky and Air in Song Volume 1
Build Beaver Build! Life at the Longest Beaver Dam
Grown Ups Colouring Book Release You Talent Compilation Vol 4 Mandalas
The New Knowledge and the Old Gospel
Stones in the Rough Or Contributions Towards a Study of Theology Approached from the Heathen Side of the Fence Volume 2
The Second Person Singular and Other Essays
Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Convention Assembled to Organize a State Anti-Slavery Society at Harrisburg on the 31st of January and 1st 2D and 3D of February 1837
Songs in the House of My Pilgrimage
The Last Poems of Susan K Phillips
The Law of Service A Study in Christian Altruism
Ginevra A Play of Medieval Florence
Unveiling of the Statue of Chief Justice Marshall at Washington May 10th 1884
Fourth Epistle to a Friend in Town and Other Poems
A Review of Mr Brights Speeches
The Yarn of the Love Sick Parsee
Catalogue of Pure-Bred Short-Horns the Property of James O Sheldon White Spring Farm Geneva N y
The Lost Oracles A Masque
Blondel A Historic Fancy
The Spirit Harp A Gift Presenting the Poetical Beauties of the Harmonial Philosophy
Poems and Predictions
A View of Popery Taken from the Creed of Pope Pius the IV Containing an Answer to the Most Material Things in the Profession of Catholic Faith C Now in Use for the Reception of Converts Into the Church of Rome
The Burglar of the Zodiac And Other Poems
An Address to the Public on the Late Dismission of a General Officer Volume 2
Cantate Mariae Meditations in Song
Time and Place Poems
Alfreds Apology 2 Part Containing a Letter to HRH the Prince of Wales with a Summary of the Trial of the Editor of Nemesis on the Prosecution of Mrs Fitzherbert for a Libel
Invisibles Realities Demonstrated in the Holy Life and Triumphant Death of Mr John Janeway with an Intr by SR Hall
Aunt Pattys Mirror A Collection of Pieces in Prose and Rhyme for the Silver Lake Stories
A Short History of the Last Parliament
The Conservative Principle in Our Literature An Address Before the Literary Societies of the Hamilton Literary and Theological Institution (Madison County NY) Delivered in the Chapel of the Institution on the Evening of Tuesday June 13 1843
Religion and Loyalty Supporting Each Other Or a Rational Account How the Loyal Addressors Maintaining the Lineal Descent of the Crown Is Very Consistent with Their Affection to the Established Protestant Religion
Readings from Great Authors
Aureate Terms A Study in the Literary Diction of the Fifteenth Century
Select Remains of the Late REV John Mason
The Dragon A Wonder Play in Three Acts
The Cross of Monterey And Other Poems
The Gospel Tragedy An Epic Poem in Four Books
Good Friday A Passion Play of Now
Poison Drops in the Federal Senate The School Question from a Parental and Non-Sectarian Stand-Point
The Little Girl I Used to Love and Other Poems
Mid-Day Dreams in the Mississippi Valley and Other Pieces in Prose and Verse
Jenny Jennett
All about Pasadena and Its Vicinity Its Climate Missions Trails and Canons Fruits Flowers and Game
Progressive French Drill-Book
The Presidency Its Duties Its Powers Its Opportunities and Its Limitations Three Lectures
Outlines of Manual Training
Catalogue of Mineralogical Specimens in the Natural History Department Tokyo Imperial Museum
The Sharing
The Unseen Empire A Peace Play in Four Acts
How to Organize a League Manage a Team Captain a Team Coach a Team Score a Game Arrange Signals Including How to Lay Out a League Diamond and Technical Terms of Base Ball
The Great War Reli
When Buckingham Met the Queen a Play in 6 Acts and 8 Scenes
The Ballads of Bourbonnais
The Pleasures of Memory and Other Poems
Why a National Literature Cannot Flourish in the United States of North America
Damping-Off in Forest Nurseries
A Peep at the Pixies Or Legends of the West
The Passing of Time
The Princess A Medley
Letters Addressed to John Sergeant Manuel Eyre
A Sketch of the History of Ohio
Index to Systematic Theology
Pastoral Letter of the Archbishops and Bishops of the United States Assembled in Conference at the Catholic University of America September 1919
Improving the Quality of Wheat
Answer Book to the Arithmetic Exercises in the Home and School Series
Workmans Compensation in the District of Columbia Hearing Before a Subcommitteeon HR 4019 1921
The Progress of Society A Poem in Three Parts
Alaskan Seal Fisheries Hearings Sixty-First Congress on S 9959 to Amend an ACT Entitled an ACT to Protect the Seal Fisheries of Alaska and for Other Purposes Approved April 21 1910 February 4 1911
Vital Records of Hamilton Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849
Coal Resources of District II (Jackson County)
Acts of the Legislature Passed at the Session of 1885 Relative to the City of Detroit
Book-Keeping by Machinery A Treatise on Office Economies
Annual Report on Strikes and Lockouts
Accidents Emergencies Illnesses
Count Agenor de Gasparin
Spanish-American Diplomatic Relations Preceding the War of 1898 Volume 24
Chemical Change in the Eucharist in Four Letters from the Fr by JW Hamersley
Catalogue Joint Exhibition of the Boston Society of Architects and the Boston Architectural Club from April 15 to April 21
A Splendid Wreck and Other Poems Illustrated
Voluntaryism in England and Wales or the Census of 1851
A Snug Little Kingdom A Comedy of Bohemia in Three Acts
The Abraham Lincoln Myth An Essay in Higher Criticism
Annual Report of the Board of Railroad Commissioners of the State of California Volume 6
Browns Strangers Handbook and Illustrated Guide to Salisbury Cathedral
Book-Keeping Taught by Numerous Examples of Complete Annual Accounts
Catalogue of Paintings and Drawings With a Summary of Other Works of Art Exhibited on the Second Floor Spring and Summer 1896
Reply to the REV R I Wilberforces Principles of Church Authority
Detailed Statement of the Receipts and Disbursements of the Public Money at the Ohio State Treasury for the Fiscal Year
The Bluebell and Other Verse
A General Catalogue of Books in All Languages Arts and Sciences Printed in Great Britain and Published in London from the Year MDCC to MDCCLXXXVI Classed Under the Several Branches of Literature and Alphabetically Disposed Under Each Head with Th
Caius Gracchus a Tragedy
Three Plays of the Argentine Juan Moreira Santos Vega the Witches Mountain
The Training of Elementary School Teachers in Germany
A Plea for a More Thorough Study of the Semitic Languages in America
Gilbert Marlowe and Other Poems
A Comparison of Apollonius Rhodius with Homer in Prepositional Usage
Christs Challenge to Mans Spirit in This World Crisis Advent Addresses at the Cathedral of St John the Divine New York
A Primer of French Pronunciation
Six Months March-August 1914
Golden Memories
Memorial Address on the Life and Character of Abraham Lincoln Delivered at the Request of Both Houses of the Congress of America Before Them in the House of Representatives at Washington on the 12th of February 1866
The Story of a Short Life
The Soldiers Monitor Being Serious Advice to Soldiers to Behave Themselves with a Just Regard to Religion and True Manhood Part 4
Social and Private Life at Rome in the Time of Plautus and Terence
Annual Report of the Tax Commissioner of the State of Texas Volume 3
The Treatment of Infantile Paralysis
Transplanted Flowers Or Memoirs of Mrs Rumpff Daughter of John Jacob Astor Esq and the Duchess de Broglie Daughter of Madame de Stael
The Canto Added by Maphaeus to Virgils Twelve Books of Aeneas From the Original Bombastic Done Into English Hudibrastic with Notes Beneath and Latin Text in Evry Other Page Annext
Newlands-Broussard-Rainey River Regulation Bill Hearings on HR 1397
Annual Report and Discourses of the State Board of Forestry
Unparteiische Abhandlung OB Den Herzogen in Bayern Das Von So Vielen Hoch-Gepriesene Ius Regium in Ecclesiasticis Zustehe
Publications Volume 16
The Use of Spiritualism
The Life and Character of That Eminent and Learned Prelate Dr Edward Stillingfleet Lord Bishop of Worcester In Which Is Contained an Account of the Controversies of Those Times Wherein His Lordship Was Concerned with the Church of Rome Dissenters
Combustion and Smokeless Furnaces
Oregon School Laws
Address Upon the Condition of Articulation Teaching in American Schools for the Deaf
Chaucers Legende of Goode Women
The Old Representatives Hall 1798-1895 An Address Delivered Before the Massachusetts House of Representatives January 2 1895
The System of Taxation in China in the Tsing Dynasty 1644-1911
Machine Shop Primer An Introduction to Machine Tools and Shop Appliances
Stoddards New Intellectual Arithmetic Containing an Extensive Collection of Practical Questions on the General Principles of Arithmetic
Indestructibility One of the Great Truths Proclaimed by Nature and Science Traced Throughout Surrounding Things
Selections from the Records of the Government in the Department Public Works Department Series Issue 26
Questions and Answers on the XXXIX Articles of the Church of England
Classification Music and Books on Music M Music ML Literature of Music MT Musical Instruction and Study
Elements of Mechanical Drawing Use of Instruments Geometrical Problems and Projection
Report of the Social Service Department of the Indiana University
Young Students Companion
Poems Volume 2
Chamberss English Readers Ed by JMD Meiklejohn
The Faery Queen First Book
the Geological Story of Kansas
Examination of the Commentary on Ecclesiastes [By EH Plumtre] in the Cambridge Bible for Schools
Drill Book in Vocal Culture and Gesture
Sheffield in the Berkshires
Zymotic Diseases in Chicago Sanitary Exhibit of the Illinois State Board of Health Worlds Columbian Exposition 1893
Webster Centennial A Discourse Delivered on the Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Daniel Webster January 18 1882
Annual Report Volume 68
Some Stumbling Blocks of the French Language and the Way to Avoid Them
District of Columbia Appropriation Bill (Supplemental Hearings) Before 63-2 on HR 10523
Glories of the Love of Jesus Devotional Studies
Historic Homes of Amherst
Festival Choral Societys Performance of Handels Serenata Acis and Galatea and a Miscellaneous Selection April 13th 1875
A Manual for Sunday Schools To Which Is Added a Collection of Hymns
Kathleen Mavourneen An Australian Tale
Fairmount Park
The Progress of the Church of Rome Towards Ascendancy in England
Slabs of the Sunburnt West
Speeches of the Earl of Winchilsea and Nottingham Delivered at York Ipswich Plymouth Bedford and Bristol 1893
The Massachusetts Election Sermons an Essay in Descriptive Bibliography
Schrift Vom Staatswesen Der Athener
John Woolman A Study for Young Men
Fragments from Fenelon Concerning Education
The Wilderness and the War Path
Wild West Poems
A Discourse Pronounced on the Inauguration of the New Hall March 11 1872
The Lives and Doctrines of the Apostles
An Exhortation to the Inhabitants of the Province of South-Carolina To Bring Their Deeds to the Light of Christ in Their Own Consciences
The Social Emphasis in Religious Education
The Unlawfulnesse of Subjects Taking Up Armes Against Their Soveraigne In What Case Soever
Laws of Rhode Island Relating to Education
Manual of Practical Housekeeping
Clays and Clay Products
On the Importance of an Early Correct Education of Children Embracing the Mutual Obligations and Duties of Parent and Child And Also the Qualifications and Discipline of Teachers with Their Emolument And a Plan Suggested Whereby All Our Common Scho
Josh Hayseed in New York
Thoughts on Government Occasioned by Mr Burkes Reflections C in a Letter to a Friend to Which Is Added a PostScript in Reply to a Vindication of Mr Burkes Reflections
Augustana Library Publications Issue 5
The God-Man Or the Life and Works of Jesus the Christ and Son of God a Poem
German Lyrics Part 1160
Bulletin of the Scientific Laboratories of Denison University Volume 3
Letters of W Amherst Hayne with an Intr by GT Fox
Encyclopeadia Metropolitana
The Middle Island New Zealand Or a Short Account of the Present State of the Different Settlements by an Old Colonist
Quarterly of the Colorado School of Mines Volume 6
Records of Ancient Science Exemplified and Authenticated in the Primitive Universal Standard of Weights and Measures an Essay
Practice Under the Judicature Acts Being Reports of Points of Practice Arising Under the Judicature Acts 1873 and 1875 Decided in Judges Chambers
Bachelors Divorce A Comedy in Three Acts
William Boyd Allison (Late a Senator from Iowa) Memorial Addresses Sixtieth Congress Second Session Senate of the United States February 6 1909 House of Representatives February 21 1909
Exercises in Agriculture
Self-Denial the Preparation for Easter by the Author of Letters to My Unknown Friends
Charlie Clement Or the Boy Friend by Aunt Friendly
Warmans Physical Training or the Care of the Body
The Errors of Mind Healing Compared with the Miracles of Christ and His Disciples in the Healing of the Afflicted as Viewed by a Physician
Our Countrys Readers Book 1
Essays on the Following Interesting Subjects Viz I Government II Revolutions III the British Constitution IV Kingly Government V Parliamentary Representation Reform VI Liberty and Equality VII Taxation And VII the Present War the St
Proceedings of the American Numismatic and Archeological Society
Modern Wood Pavements Creo-Resinate Process Including a Paper on Recent Experiences with Wood Pavements
Biblical Scholarship and Inspiration Two Papers
A Second Letter to the Common Council of the City of London with Remarks on Lord Chief Justice Pratts Answer to Sir Thomas Harrison the Chamberlain
La Canne de Jonc
Rights of the Pulpit and Perils of Freedom
Relation of the North to Slavery A Discourse Preached in the Federal Street Meetinghouse in Boston on Sunday June 11 1854
The Essays Humorous Moral and Literary of the Late Dr Benjamin Franklin
The Tongue of Time Or the Language of a Church Clock
Extracts from the Spiritual Diary of John Rutty MD
Nothing to Eat Not by the Author of Nothing to Wear
Educational Agriculture
The Poets and Peoples of Foreign Lands
On the Adoption of the Public Libraries and News Rooms ACT 1855 for the City of London A Paper Read at the Social Science Congress Before Henry Lord Brougham with Remarks on the Southern Independence Question
Letters to REV B Stow R H Neale and R W Cushman on Modern Revivals
Extracts from the Diary of the Late REV Robert Shirreff
Judaism and Christianity Their Agreements and Disagreements A Series of Friday Evening Lectures
A Brief Memoir of REV Paul Couch
Vade-Mecum for the Use of Officers and Interpreters in the Present Campaign French and English Technical and Military Terms
Advice to Parents Containing Directions How to Perform the Duties Which They Owe Their Children With Some Motives Exciting Thereunto and the Excellency of Gospel-Ordinances Briefly Hinted With the Sin and Danger of Neglecting and Contemning Them Par
Five Young Men Messages of Yesterday for the Young Men of Today
Freedom of Thought in Religious Teaching
Father Abraham
United States of America and Canada
Negro Slavery Unjustifiable A Discourse
The Immortality of the Soul the Poems of Tennyson and Browing
Grundlinien Der Politischen Arithmetik Zum Gebrauche an Handelsakademien Hoheren Handelslehranstal
The Pecos Valley New Mexico
Franks Campaign
The Trade Unions and Output
Laws Rules and Regulations for Improving the Executive Civil-Service of the United States
Two Discourses Delivered October 25th 1759 Being the Day Appointed by Authority to Be Observed as
Artisti-Poeti Italiani Dei Secoli XV E XVI
The Great Case of Tithes Truly Stated Clearly Opend and Fully Resolvd
An Examination of the Merits and Tendency of the Pursuits of Literature
At the Gate Beautiful The Story of a Day
On Varicose Disease of the Lower Extremities and Its Allied Disorders Lettsomian Lects 1867
The North-English Homily Collection A Study of the Manuscript Relations and of the Sources of the
A Gentleman Instructed in the Conduct of a Virtuous and Happy Life [Electronic Resource] Written for the Instruction of a Young Nobleman
Addenda to Players of a Century A Record of the Albany Stage Including Notices of Prominent Actors Who Have Appeared in America
A Letter Addressed to the ABBE Raynal on the Affairs of North-America in Which the Mistakes in the ABBEs Account of the Revolution of America Are Corrected and Cleared Up
Pagan and Puritan
Memoirs of Arthur Hamilton BA of Trinity College Cambridge Extracted from His Letters and Diaries with Reminiscences of His Conversation by His Friend Christopher Carr of the Same College
The Militia of the United States What It Has Been What It Should Be
An Enquiry Into the Principles of Toleration The Degree in Which They Are Admitted by Our Laws And the Reasonableness of the Late Application Made by the Dissenters to Parliament for an Enlargement of Their Religious Liberties
Over Paradise Ridge A Romance
16 to 1 Escaped Criminals to One Conviction
A Knightly Heritage
Bernard Alvers and the War Witch A Poetical Romance
An Illuminated Way And Other Poems
The Battersea Series of Standard Reading Books for Boys
Clytia a Tale of the Southern States With Other Poems
The Professors Daughter
Christmas Tales and Christmas Verse
Letter of Gerrit Smith to REV James Smylie of the State of Mississippi
Lectures Delivered in America in 1874
Notes on the International SS Lessons [] Part 1
The Adventure of Life Being the William Belden Noble Lectures for 1911
Acadian Reminiscences with the True Story of Evangeline
Foam Flowers Poems
Black Mammy A Song of the Sunny South in Three Cantos And My Village Home
Prof E J Doneckens System and Illustrated Treatise on the Most Obvious and Complicated Diseases and Injuries Incidental to the Equine Family with Directions for Treatment
Six Sermons on the Causes and Consequences of the Neglect of Public Worship A View of the Advantages of Public Worship the Motives Which Should Lead to Its Observance and the Circumstances Which Render an Attendance Upon Its Ordinances Unprofitable
The Veiled Figure and Other Poems
The Fourth Watch A Book of Poems
Ellen L Warren In Memoriam
The Woman and the Fiddler A Play in Three Acts
The Ramble Melrose to Flodden
Davie and Elisabeth Wonderful Adventures
The Man Who Was Dead (the Living Corpse) the Cause of It All Dramas
Church and State Questions in 1876
Kitty and Her Kits
The Three Friends A Story of Rugby in the Forties
Reverend Calvin Lincoln Sermon Preached in the Old Meeting-House Hingham September 18 1881 Also Services at the Funeral and Sketch by a Parishioner
Two Orations Against Taking Away Human Life Under Any Circumstances And in Explanation and Defence of the Misrepresented Doctrine of Non-Resistance
The Arguments of Counsel for the Libelee Helen Maria Dalton in the Dalton Divorce Case Consisting of the Opening Address of HF Durant Esq and the Closing Plea of Hon Rufus Choate The Phonographic Report of the Daily Bee by Messrs JMW Yerri
The Scallop Shanty
Why Do Protestants Not Invoke the Virgin
Memorial of Alvin Simonds Cashier of Mechanics Bank of Boston for Fifty Years Deacon of Phillips Church of Boston for Thirty-Nine Years
A Handful of Silver Six Stories of Silversmiths Written
Modern Glues and Glue Testing (Other Than Water Proof Glues)
The Foundling of Sebastopol A Drama
A Jewish Carol and the Insuperable Barrier
Eulogium on Marcus Aurelius
Descrizione Geografica Dellitalia Ad Illustrazione Della Divina Commedia Accompagnata Da Una Carta Speciale
Palm Land
Uncle Toms Cabin Contrasted with Buckingham Hall
Dissertations on the Regenerate Life In Harmony with the Theological Views of Baron Swedenborg the Undoubted Messenger of Our Lords Second Advent to Which Is Prefixed a Short Account of the Life of Baron Swedenborg
Barbed Wire and Other Poems
Ones Self I Sing And Other Poems by Elizabeth Porter Gould
For Your Sweet Sake Poems
George Barnwell Or the Merchants Clerk
Posies Out of Rings and Other Conceits
The Passing Show Five Modern Plays in Verse
The Electric Spirit And Other Poems
The Plea of the Toiler Factors of Interest Coincident with This Aeon of Brawn vs Cunning
The Quiet Singer And Other Poems
The Lions Cub With Other Verse
Gems from an Old Drummers Grip
October Roses And Other Verses
Metrical Legends and Other Poems
A Statistical Study of Infant Mortality
The Farm Valuer
Ophthalmic Jurisprudence a Reprint from the American Encyclopedia of Ophthalmology Where the Title Is Legal Relations of Ophthalmology
The Flight of Helen and Other Poems
A Book of Family Prayer
Atalanta Winnie and Other Poems
Flowers of Song from Many Lands Being Short Poems and Detached Verses Gathered from Various Languages and Rendered Into English
The Scriptural Doctrine of Recognition in the World to Come
The New Life of Dante Alighieri
Memoir of Robert F Skillings with Genealogy and Poems
A Last Harvest Lyrics and Sonnets from the Book of Love
The Power of a God and Other One-Act Plays
Mexico Its Educational Problems--Suggestions for Their Solution
Man and Woman Equal But Unlike
Gathered Leaves A Book of Verse Made from a Physicians Pad Leaflets
Hearts Awake The Pixy A Play
Cassia And Other Verse
Teachers Manual for Our Part in the World
New York and Other Verses
The Corruption of the Church An Oration Delivered at the Princes Hall on May 25th and July 4th 1891
Celestial Conferences on Love A Discussion Based on the Laws of Nature Seeking a Philosophy of Love and Marriage That Will Improve the Social and Spiritual Life of Mankind a Book for Supermen and Women
A View of the Laws of Landed Property in Ireland Of the Relation of Landlords and Tenants and of the Condition of the Latter Actually Morally and Politically Considered With a Mode Suggested of Attaching the Mass of the People to British Interests
Galganos Wooing and Other Poems
Natural Reflections Upon the Present Debates about Peace and War In Two Letters to a Member of Parliament from His Steward in the Country
Some Poems of the Ever-Living Soul
A Study of the Life of Jesus His Words and Works
PostScript to the Second Edition of Archdeacon Hares Letter to the Dean of Chichester On Lord John Russels Letter to the the Clergy of Bedford and in Reply to Mr Trowers Plain Remarks
The Congressman a Comedy in Three Acts
The Confederacy A Comedy
Woman Her Character Her Position and Her Treatment from the Earliest Days Down to the Present Times
Assurance of Faith A Sermon Preached Before the Convention of the Congregational Ministers of Massachusetts in Brattle Street Meeting-House Boston May 31 1849
The Wept of Wish-Ton-Wish an Indian Romance
Farewell Discourses Delivered at South Place Chapel
Just to Get Married A Comedy in Three Acts
John Marshall An Address Delivered on February 4 1901
Snatches from Rhyme and Rhythm and Summer Idyls
The False Nation and Its Bases Or Why the South Cant Stand
Scrap-Book Recitation Series 2
Gruach and Britains Daughter Two Plays
Wicked Nell A Gay Girl of the Town
Twenty-Five Years of Religious Life in Bloomington An Address
Brief Memorial of Mrs Lizzie G Calderwood Of the Saharunpur Mission Northern India in a Letter
A Syllabus of Logic In Which the Views of Kant Are Generally Adopted and the Laws of Syllogism Symbolically Expressed
Queen Cora Or Slavery and Its Downfall
Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence Displayd Or the Folly of Their Teaching Discovered from the Books Sermons and Prayers And Some Remarks on Mr Rules Late Vindication of the Kirk Interspersd with Some Genuine Adventures in Love C
The Poetical and Prose Remains of Edward Marsh Heavisides Ed by H Heavisides
Memorial to Charles Lowe Departed This Earthly Life at Swampscott Mass June 20 1874
Equilibrium Or Meetings of the Sphinx Club
Oliver Cromwell A Tragedy in Five Acts
Eighty-Second Anniversary of American Independence
Laus Infantium and Other Poems
A Solemn Warning Against Free-Masonry Addressed to the Young Men of the United States With an Appendix Containing the Correspondence Between Eliphalet Murdock of Le Roy Genesee County NY and the Author Relating to the Supposed Murder of Mr Murdo
Serious Enquiries Or Important Questions Relative to This World and That Which Is to Come To Which Are Added Reflections on Mortality Occasioned by the Death of REV Thomas Spencer
Rythmic Fancies and Fantastic Rhymes
Memoirs of John A Heraud
Crime Habit or Disease A Question of Sex from the Standpoint of Psycho-Pathology
Shakespeare the Worlds Greatest Psychist
Songs Under Open Skies
Poems of Many Years and Many Places
Little Marjories Love-Story
REV Aura Claire Showers A Sketch of His Life
Sketches of the Life and Work of Capt Cyrus Sturdivant The Prisoners Friend Including an Account of Rescue and Conversion of Francis Murphy and Others
Count Cavour and Madame de Circourt Some Unpublished Correspondence
Historical Outline of the English Constitution
Dedication of the Hall Memorial Library at Ellington Conn Nov 11 1903
Through Painted Panes And Other Poems
My Candles and Other Poems
Feodor Vladimir Larrovitch An Appreciation of His Life and Works
Old Horse Gray and the Parish of Grumbleton
Conata A Collection of Poems
Voices of the Past Present and Future
A Reed by the River
The Voice of St John And Other Poems
Remarks on the Internal Evidence for the Truth of Revealed Religion
Jehovah God of Battles Up to Date The German God a Soliloquy by William II on the Eve of Palm Sunday 1918
The Fractionation of Crude Petroleum in Capillary Filtration
Memoirs and Letters of John Simpson A Minister of the Gospel in the Society of Friends
Memorial of Colonel John A Bross Twenty-Ninth US Colored Troops Who Fell in Leading the Assault on Petersburgh July 30 1864 Together with a Sermon by His Pastor REV Arthur Swazey
The Great Orations and Senatorial Speech of Daniel Webster
Lawyers Code of Ethics A Satire
Memorial of the REV William Swan
Lectures on the Literary History of the Bible
A World of Windows and Other Poems
The Comedy of Convocation in the English Church
Bradford Legends
Reconstruction and the Renewal of Life
Belisarius Ludlow Castle Buildwas Abbey and Other Poems
The Magpie or the Maid A Melo Drame In Three Acts
Selected Poems Old and New
The Poetical Aviary with a Birds-Eye View of the English Poets [Signed AA]
Agreement Betwixt the Present and the Former Government Or a Discourse of This Monarchy Whether Elective or Hereditary Also of Abdication Vacancy Interregnum Present Possession of the Crown and the Reputation of the Church of England with an ANS
Wordsworths Prelude as a Study of Education
American Pony Racing Association
Pleasant Street Smiling Valley
Reply to an Americans Examination of the Right of Search With Observations on Some of the Questions at Issue Between Great Britain and the United States and on Certain Positions Assumed by the North American Government
Wheat and Chaff
Miscellaneous Poems Speeches and Essays
Occasional Addresses
A Collecton of Speeches by Charles Phillips Esq Also the Petitions Drawn Up by Him at the Request of the Irish Catholics His Character of Napoleon His Lines to Mr Magee the Critique of the Edinburgh Review on His Oratory And His Letter to the E
A Textual Commentary on the Book of Psalms
A Paradise of Daintie Devices
Theology and Mythology An Inquiry Into the Claims of Biblical Inspiration and the Supernatural Element in Religion
Marino Faliero A Tragedy
Who Ate the Pink Sweetmeat
Conservative Views
The Love Story of Ursula Wolcott Being a Tale in Verse of the Time of the Great Revival in New England
The New Federal Calculator Or Scholars Assistant Containing the Most Concise and Accurate Rules for Performing the Operations in Common Arithmetic Together with Numerous Examples Under Each of the Rules Varied So as to Make Them Conformable to Almo
Original Poems for My Children
The Little Visitors In Words Composed Chiefly of One and Two Syllables
Mephistopheles A Profanation
Catalogue of an Historical Exhibition Held by the Free Public Library of Jersey City
The House Building and Other Poems
The Ship Mary Alice
Sonnets and Songs for a House of Days
Out of the Forest and Other Verses
The Jumble Book of Rhymes Recited by the Jumbler
Empire and Democracy (1837-1913)
An Address to the Members of Both Houses of Parliament on the West India Question
Sunday Songs for Little Children
The Old Cobbler and Other Poems Including
Saying the Catechism Seventy-Five Years Ago and the Historical Results an Address Delivered Before the New England Historic-Genealogical Society Dec 4 1878
Tintinnabula New Poems
Mrs Bobbles Trained Nurse
The Three Last Things The Resurrection of the Body the Day of Judgment and Final Retribution
Hints on the Reproductive Organs Their Diseases Causes and Cure on Hydropathic Principles
Some Writings and Speeches of Richard Monckton Milnes Lord Houghton in the Last Year of His Life
Question and Objections Concruning Catholic Doctrine and Practices
The Duties of Religion and Morality as Inculcated in the Holy Scriptures with Preliminary and Occasional Observations
Glint-Lights on the Ten Commandments Ten Sunday Lectures Before the Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel Philadelphia
The Garden of Gray Ledge And Other Poems
Remarks on
Crusaders A Play in Two Acts
Silver Lined A Poem
True Bird Stories from My Note-Books
The River Bend and Other Poems
The Residuary Legatee Or the Posthumous Jest of the Late John Austin
His Little Mother
The Rose-Bud A Juvenile Keepsake
Red Bud Women Four Dramatic Episodes
The Trail of a Sourdough Rhymes and Ballads
British Education After the War
The Struggle for Religious and Political Liberty
The Cross at the Front Fragments from the Trenches
The Universalism of the Lords Prayer Words to All Christian Churches and to All Mankind
The Treason Death of Benedict Arnold A Play for a Greek Theatre
A Handful of Silver Six Stories of Silversmiths
Fragmentary Records of Jesus of Nazareth From the Letters of a Contemporary
Tradition with on Bail Their Wife Waiting the Cheat of Pity and Mothers One-Act Plays of Contemporary Life
Songs of Nature Love and Life
The Blind Man at the Window and Other Poems
Five Miracle Plays or Scriptural Dramas
Cornish Carelessness Poems by Launcelot Pendennis
Classified Illustrated Catalog of the Library Bureau Incorporated 1888 HEDavidson Secretary WEParker Treasurer a Handbook of Library and Office Fittings and Supplies
Hints Towards the Formation of a More Comprehensive Theory of Life
Wolf The Memoirs of a Cave-Dweller
Report of the Proceedings and Speeches at the Great Public Meeting 26th June 1849
Catalogue Issue
Electrical Problems for Engineering Students
Antiquities of Croydon Church Destroyed by Fire January 5th 1867
General Catalogue of Kenyon College Gambier Ohio [1826-1899]
Clergy and Choir
Four Sermons Delivered at Cavendish VT on the Doctrine of Endless Misery
Biennial Report of the Attorney-General Volumes 26-27
Lyra Bicyclica Sixty Poets on the Wheel
History and Early Reports of the Master Car-Builders Association Including the First Six Annual Reports of the Association for the Years 1867 1868 1869 1870 1871 and 1872 Volumes 1-6
Critical Exposition of Baptism Embracing the Mosaic Baptisms Jewish Traditionary Baptisms Johns Baptism and Christian Baptism Clearly Establishing the Scriptural Authority of Affusion and Sprinkling and of Infant Baptism
Poems Chiefly Occasional
Rural Chemistry An Elementary Introduction to the Science in Its Relation to Agriculture
A Practical Course in Qualitative Analysis For Use in High Schools and Colleges
A Motley Jest Shakespearean Diversions
The Cairns of Iona And Other Poems
Mrs Featherweights Musical Moments
Songs of Consolation New Poems
Poems by the Late John Williams
The Masque of Death And Other Poems
The Outside of the Cup
Belshazzar A Dramatic Poem
Giuseppino An Occidental Story
Stephen of Philadelphia A Story of Penns Colony
A Plea for Industrial Brigades as Adjuncts to Ragged Schools
The Ministry of Evil with Replies to Critics Also a Study of the Future Life
Synopsis Reptillium Or Short Descriptions of the Species of Reptiles
Watsons Magazine [Serial] Volume 185 (1914)
Watsons Magazine [Serial] Volume 212 (1915)
Theory of Teaching
William OConnell Bradley (Late a Senator from Kentucky) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the Senate of the United States Proceedings in the Senate June 24 1916
S Nicolas College and Its Schools A Record of Thirty Years Work in the Effort to Endow the Church of England with a System of Self-Supporting Public Boarding Schools for the Upper Middle and Lower Middle Classes Volume Talbot Collection of British P
Watsons Magazine [Serial] Volume 201 (1914)
Two Letters to the Right Honorable Lord Byron in Answer to His Lordships Letter to on the REV Wm L Bowless Strictures on the Life and Writings of Pope More Particularly on the Question Whether Poetry Be More Immediately Indebted to What
Shaksperes Tragedy of Julius Caesar
Tourists Guide Book to Salt Lake City and Vicinity
Wine Beere Ale and Tobacco A Seventeenth Century Interlude
Townsend Genealogy A Record of the Descendants of John Townsend 1743-1821 and of His Wife Jemima Travis 1746-1832 Volume 2
Vital Records of Washington Massachusetts to the Year 1850
Correspondence Between His Majestys Government and the United States Ambassador Respecting the Treatment of Prisoners of War and Interned Civilians in the United Kingdom and Germany Respectively [In Continuation of Miscellaneous No 5 (1915) CD 781
Watsons Magazine [Serial] Volume 163 (1913)
Sketches and Reminiscences of the City of the Straits and Its Vicinity
A Thrilling Sketch of the Life of the Distinguished Chief Okah Tubbee Alias Wm Chubbee Son of the Head Chief Mosholeh Tubbee of the Choctaw Nation of Indians Volume 1
The Second Annual Report of the Massachusetts Abolition Society Together with the Proceedings of the Second Annual Meeting Held at Tremont Chapel May 25 1841 Volume 2
Some Facts Concerning the People Industries and Schools of Hammond and a Suggested Program for Elementary Industrial Prevocational and Vocational Education
Union with the Church the Solemn Duty and the Blessed Privilege of All Who Would Be Saved
San Miguel County New Mexico Larger in Area Than Many of the States
The Night Court and Other Verse
The Builders and Other Poems
Socializing the Three Rs
The Life of Henry Wilson Republican Candidate for Vice-President 1872
Preaching in London A Diary of Anglo-American Friendship
Contributions to the Palaeontology of Iowa
Six Addresses Theological and Religious
True Story of the Lost Shackle Or Seven Years with the Indians
The Nature and Form of the American Government Founded in the Christian Religion

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