The Codling Moth Manual
The Office of the Church as the Teacher of the Nation a Sermon
On the Relation Between Inscriptions and Sculptured Representations on Attic Tombstones Volume 5 Issue 2
Lays of Modern Oxford
Complete Graded Arithmetic Grade III
Topics in the History of South Carolina
The Worship of the Golden Calf A Story of Wage-Slavery in Massachusetts
Proceedings of the Convocation
False Shame A Comedy in Four Acts
AIDS to Diagnosis Part 2
The Iphigenia in Tauris of Euripides
Methodist Fraternity and Federation Being Several Addresses and Other Papers on This General Subject
The Principal Prophecies and Types of the Old Testament with Their Fulfilment Arranged in the Very Words of Scripture for the Use of Sunday Schools
A Sketch of the Materials for a New and Compleat History of Cheshire With Some Short Accounts of the Characteristic Genius and Manners of Its Inhabitants in a Letter to Thomas Falconer Esq from the Late Dr Gower
Lancashire Characters and Places
Mr Blaine and His Foreign Policy An Examination of His Most Important Dispatches While Secretary of State
True Stories of Our Village
Inebriety Its Source Prevention and Cure
The Cathedral Church of Wells A Description of Its Fabric and a Brief History of the Episcopal See
Biographical Anecdotes of the Founders of the Late Irish Rebellion Including Memoirs of the Most Conspicuous Persons Concerned in That Foul and Sanguinary Conspiracy Among Whom Are Those of Those of Lord Edward Fitz Gerald [And Others]
Tales of the Dead and Other Poems
The History of Romances An Enquiry Into Their Original Instructions for Composing Them An Account of the Most Eminent Authors with Characters and Curious Observations Upon the Best Performances of That Kind Written in Latin
Exercises in Algebra to Simple Equations Inclusive
Apocalyptical Key An Extraordinary Discourse on the Rise and Fall of Papacy Or the Pouring Out of the Vials in the Revelation of St John Chap XVI
Koniglich Preussische Geodatische Institut Das Aus Amtlichen Anlass
Yorkshire Dialect Poems (1673-1915) and Traditional Poems
Our Children Scenes from the Country and the Town
Personal Effort Explained and Enforced A Sermon Preached at Eastham Camp-Meeting August 14 1840
The Parish Theatre
The Opinions of Lords Wellesley and Grenville On the Government of India Compared and Examined
The Obligations of Theology to Science
The Inalienable Heritage and Other Poems
Plain Facts on Vaccination
Millers Trussed Platforms Compression Buffers and Automatic Couplers
Literary Landmarks of Venice
Capn Chadwick Marblehead Skipper and Shoemaker
Shakespeare the Man an Essay
Hints from the Works and Days Or Moral Economical and Agricultural Maxims and Reflections of Hesiod To Which Is Added Praises of Rural Life from Horace
A Study of the Paragraph
Truths or Truisms Volume 1
Systems and Counter-Systems of Education (1648-1800)
Public Education in Upper Canada
Party Not Faction the Necessity for National Government the Need for Coalition
de Ciceronis Nominum Propriorum Usu Quaestiones Selectae
Count Julian A Tragedy
Register Zu Wendelin Von Maltzahns Deutschem Bucherschatz Des Sechzehnten Siebzehnten Und Achtzehnten Bis Um Die Mitte Des Neunzehnten Jahrhunderts
Preliminary Report Concerning the Financial Operations of the Finance Committee of the Relief and Red Cross Funds (Whose Affairs and Functions Have Been Transferred to and Assumed by This Corporation) and Also of This Corporation to November 17th 1966
Divorce by an Old Bachelor
Descriptive Geometry for the Use of Students in Engineering Volume 1
Recensio Manuscriptorum Codicum
The American System of Practical Book-Keeping Adapted to the Commerce of the United States in Its Domestic and Foreign Relations [Comprehending All the Modern Improvements in the Practice of the Art And Exemplified in One Set of Books Kept by Doubl
Laboratory Manual in Physical Geography
Primary Methods in Zoology Teaching for Teachers in Common Schools
The International King A War Appeal for Federal Union
Evidence Before the Governor and Council in Relation to the Troy and Greenfield Railroad With the Decision of the Governor
Biennial Report of the Bureau of Labor of the State of Kentucky Volume 7
Proceedings of the New England Zoological Club Volume 3
The Ashes Their Characteristics and Management
Works of the Camden Society
Annual Report of the State Health Department of West Virginia
Report of Albert F Noyes City Engineer and Edward A Buss CE on Plan for Surface Drainage for the City of Newton Mass
True Unto Death A Drama in Two Acts
A Renaissance Courtesy-Book Galateo of Manners Behaviours
Semi-Centennial Manual Winthrop Church (Charlestown) Boston Mass with Historical Sketch and List of Members from Jan 9 1883 to Jan 9 1883
Questions on Mathematics Taken from the Papers Set for the Degrees of MA and BSC in the Four Scotch Universities
The Arithmetic Primer An Independent Number Book Designed to Precede Any Series of Arithmetics
Oliver Cromwell HH the Lord Protector and the Royalist Insurrection Against His Government of March 1655 a Relation of the Part Taken Therein by the Protector of the Way in Which His Subjects Regarded Him and the Insurrection and of the Causes and
Crinoline in Its Bissextile Phases
War Science and Civilization
Toil and Self
Title Pages and Imprints of the Books in the Private Library of James MKie Kilmarnock [With] Bibliotheca Burnsiana Life and Works of Burns Title Pages and Imprints of the Various Editions in the Private Library of J MKie Prior to Date 1866 [Cove
Verses Original and Translated from Italian and French
On the Sulphur Waters of Strathpeffer with District Guide (an Expansion of on the Strathpeffer Spa)
The Arab Bride A Tale
Bulletin Issues 12-15
The Book of Asparagus With Sections Also on Celery Salsify Scorzonera and Seakale
The Study of American History Being the Inaugural Lecture of the Sir George Watson Chair of American History Literature and Institutions With an Appendix Relating to the Foundation
Ornamental Aquatic and Domestic Fowl and Game Birds Their Importation Breeding Rearing and General Management
Redstan a Tale and Other Sketches Biographical and Descriptive
The Evanston Colloquium Lectures on Mathematics Delivered from Aug 28 to Sept 9 1893 Before Members of the Congress of Mathematics Held in Connection with the Worlds Fair in Chicago at Northwestern University Evanston Ill
Story-Hour Plays
Newspaper Headings Composed Direct from the Keyboard in Sizes from 6 to 60 Point
English Spelling
Christianity the Science of Manhood
Russia What She Was and What She Is An Excursion Into a Land of Seething Volcanoes
Homoeopathic Treatment of Intermittent Fevers
The Actual Government of Connecticut
The Contrast Or Modes of Education
A Dissertation on Servitude Embracing an Examination of the Scripture Doctrines on the Subject and an Inquiry Into the Character and Relations of Slavery
The Farm of Aptonga
An Historical Discourse Delivered at West Brookfield Mass Volume 2
Exhibition of Works by
The Family of Cadenhead
The Message from the Kings Coffer
Report of the Attorney General of the State of California
The Settlement of Pennsylvania
Catalogue of the Described Coleoptera of the United States
The Shadow A Play in Three Acts
A Everything about Our New Possessions
Biennial Report of the State Health Department West Virginia
Blank Verse Pastels
A System of Popular Trigonometry
The Origin of the Teaching Brotherhoods
The Chemistry of the Corn Kernel
A Short Introduction to the Epistles of Paul the Apostle
The Cotton Fibre and the Mixing of Cotton
The Four Gates
Memorial of REV Wm A Hallock D D First Secretary of the American Tract Society
A Bride from the Desert
Memoirs of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College Cambridge Mass Volume 9 No 2
Conference on the State and Progress of Public Works in the Presidency of Bombay September 1866
Poems of Klondykes Early Days and Alaskas Long White Trail
Observations on the Heart and on the Peculiarities of the Foetus
Country Correspondence 1801
Corrections of the Copies of the New Testament Portion of the Vatican Manuscript by Herman Heinfetter
Tablets of Materia Medica and Therapeutics Vegetable and Animal Substances
Erythea A Journal of Botany West American and General Volume 3
Nellie Or Seeking Goodly Pearls
Post Mortem [By AM Brookfield]
Eight Sermons on the Signs of the Times Recently Preached at Margarets Chapel in the City of Bath
From Crypt and Choir
The Political Detection Or the Treachery and Tyranny of Administration Both at Home and Abroad Displayed in a Series of Letters Signed Junius Americanus
Progressive Business Accounting An Elementary Course in Bookkeeping Business Practice Forms and Usages for Commercial Schools and Individual Reference
Comrades from Other Lands What They Are Doing for Us and What We Are Doing for Them
Sermons Preached in the Catholic Apostolic Church Gordon Square
A Pottle of Strawberries To Beguile a Short Journey or a Long Half Hour
A Burmese Maid A Tale of Pathos and Incident Founded on Episodes in Burmese History
Practical Pointers for Patentees Containing Valuable Information and Advice on the Sale of Patents An Elucidation of the Best Methods Employed by the Most Successful Inventors in Handling Their Inventions
Bancrofts First[-Fifth] Reader Book 2
British Influence in India an Essay
Pathways in Nature and Literature First [Second] Reader Book 2
Memoir of Mrs Jane Greenleaf Of Newburyport Mass
The History of John Wesleys Coat Showing by Whom It Has Been Worn and How It Has Been Trimmed
An Affectionate Farewell Address to Friends in North America Repr
Your Boys
Latinae Grammaticae Rudimenta Extr from the Complete Latin Grammar with Additional Elucidations
On the Utility and Safety of the Fumigating Bath as a Remedial Agent in Complaints of the Skin [C]
Aims and Ideals of Representative American Painters
The Speech of the Lord Chancellor Delivered in the House of Lords June 29th 1868 on the Motion for the Second Reading of a Bill Intituled an ACT to Prevent for a Limited Time New Appointments in the Church of Ireland and to Restrain for the Same P
The Ceremonies Attending the Unveiling of the Bronze Statue of Zeb B Vance in Capitol Square Raleigh N C
Memoir of Francis Peabody President of the Essex Institute
Reminiscences and Essays
The Chuzzlewits Or Tom Pinch
The Talisman from the Russ with Other Pieces [Tr by EH Borrow in Verse]
The Gentle Art of Columning A Treatise on Comic Journalism
Will the World Outgrow Christianity and Other Interrogations on Vital Themes
Sports and Amusements for the Juvenile Philosopher A Present for the Young Part First
Elementary Class-Book of Physical Geography
The Fairs Racing Rules
Signal Fires on the Trail of the Pathfinder
The Artists Life
Genealogical Annals of Anthony and Barbara Eschbach
The Empress
The Abbey Church of Tewkesbury With a Description of Its Plan and Architectural Peculiarities
Popular Repor
A Week at Port Royal
Biennial Report Montana Game and Fish Commission State of Montana Volume 1919-1920
A Sketch of the Laws Relating to Slavery in the Several States of the United States of America
The Oak [Serial] Volume 1962
Vegetables and Vegetable Cooking
Lovelocks American Standard of Excellence for Purebred Cattle Sheep and Swine Being a Compilation of the Scale of Points
Just Little Things
My Hereafter
A Marriage Cycle
Frederick H de Peus Poems
Celebration at Tammany Hall on Friday July 4th 1862 Including the Poem by Henry Morford Esq The Oration by Hon Charles P Daly Pub by Order of the Society
The Boston Herald and Its History Thirty-Two Years of Journalism in Boston
The Conflict A Health Masque in Pantomime
Genuine Memoirs of Mr Charles Churchill With an Account Of an Observations On His Writings Together with Some Original Letters That Passed Between Him and the Author
Supplement to Southern Book
An Address Delivered Before the Saint Nicholas Society of the City of New York
A Study of Verbs Compounded with Aus Ein Etc as Contrasted with Those Compounded with Heraus Hinaus Herein Hinein Etc
A History of Public High Schools in Iowa
The Adventures of Lilly Dawson Or the Smugglers of the Mill
The Great Forty Days (Following the Resurrection of Jesus Christ)
Automatic Couplers and Power Brakes Hearing Before the Committee on
The Story of Lincoln for Children
The Eclectic Question Book
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Niagara Falls and Vicinity -
A Journal of the Expedition to Quebec in the Year 1775 Under the Command of Colonel Benedict Arnold
A Study of the Rate and Economy of Gains of Fattening Steers with Special Reference to the Influence of the Amount and the Character of Feed Consumed
The Oak [Serial] Volume 1941
The Persian Mystics
The Song of a Robin
The Man You Love A Play in Four Acts
The North-Eastern Boundary of the United States Volume 2
The Norse Discovery of America with Some Reference to Its True Significance an Historical Thesis
The Log or Diary of Our Automobile Voyage Through Maine and the White Mountains
A Narrative of the Events Connected with the Election of an Assistant Bishop for Illinois
The Berlin Congress
The Salmon Fisheries
A Documentary History of American Industrial Society Volume IV Suuplement
The Sisters A Tragedy
The Hidden Places and Other Poems
The Food That God Intends for Man
The Church and the Man
The North End a Survey and a Comprehensive Plan
The Unrest in India Considered and Discussed
The Official History of the Great Strike of 1886 on the Southwestern Railway System
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 54 Issue 3
A Memorial Record of the New York Branch of the United States Christian Commission
The Principles of the Founders
A Letter to Lord Henley on the Deficiencies of His Plan of Church Reform
The Life of Edward Lord Herbert of Cherbury
A German Preparatory Course
An Introduction to the Devotional Study of the Holy Scriptures
A Poem on the Battle of Waterloo
An Essay on Mechanical Geometry Explanatory of a Set of Models
A Pronouncing Spelling-Book of the English Language
The Choice 5 Lects on Confirmation
A Fortnight in Heaven an Unconventional Romance
A Laboratory Course in Physics for Secondary Schools
The First Discovery of America and Its Early Civilization
A Dialogue Between a Clergyman of the Church of England and His Father a Country Gentleman on the Use of Memory to Ministers of the Gospel
The Training of the Memory a Paper
The First Book of Geography
The Mining Laws of the Republic of Colombia
A Manual of Distributive Co-Operation
Etruskische Forschungen Und Studien
The Office and Duty of a Christian Pastor
The Elizabethan Influence on the Tragedy of the Late Eighteenth and the Early Nineteenth Centuries Volume 45
The Manual a Book of Devotion
Augustines Psychology During His First Period of Literary Activity with Special Reference to His Relation to Platonism
Doorside Ditties
Botanical Report
Power Wealth Illusions
Practical Sailing Directions and Coasting Guide from the Sand Heads to Rangoon Maulmain Akyab and Vice Versa to Which Is Added Directions for the Entire Bay of Bengal
Madeira Meteorologic a Paper
Miscellaneous Writings
Navigation and Nautical Astronomy [Re-Issue] Containing an Appendix
Proceedings and Discussions in the French Chamber of Deputies On the Subject of the Treaty Between France and the United States Which Was Signed at Paris on the 4th of July 1831 And the Ratifications of Which Were Exchanged at Washington on the 2D of
Selections from the Papers of Thomas Wright Hill
Memorial Addresses and Resolutions Commemorative of James Craig Watson Erastus Otis Haven George Palmer Williams Henry Philip Tappan
Regulations of the United States Naval Academy Pts I and II 1911
Preparation for Science Teaching a Manual of Suggestions
Useful and Ornamental Planting With an Index Published Under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge
Needlework and Cutting-Out
Posthumous Parodies and Other Pieces Composed by Several of Our Most Celebrated Poets [By H Twiss]
Outlines in Dictionary Study for Fourth Fifth Sixth and Seventh Grades
Clinical Talks on Minor Surgery
Bulletin of the Essex Institute Volume 14
Co-Operative Methods in the Development of School Support in the United States A Study of Methods of Supporting Schools--In the Colonies by the Federal Government by the States a Statistical Study of Support for Twenty-Two Years and Some Recent Tende
Ireland Sixty Years Ago
The Legislature of the Province of Virginia Its Internal Development
Punctuation and Other Typographical Matters for the Use of Printers
From the Narrative of Nicolas de La Salle Otherwise Known as the Little M de La Salle
An Inquiry Into the Origin of the Antiquities of America
Little Willies Birthday Stories
An Examination Manual in Plane Geometry
Outcroppings Being Selections of California Verse
The Unpardonable Sin
A Concise Bibliography of the Works of Walt Whitman with a Supplement of Fifty Books about Whitman
The Duke of Killicrankie a Farcical Romance in Three Acts
Alcohol Its Action on the Human Organism
To Amend the Code of the District of Columbia Hearings Before the Committee
A Ladys Ranche Life in Montana
The First Hague Conference
The Exclusive Claims of Davids Psalms
The Two Cromwells A Tragedy in Three Acts
Chartiers Church and Its Ministers An Historical Address
The Stage Address
A Childs Thoughts in Rhyme
An Elementary Grammar of the German Language by EMN
Laboratory Manual of Psychology Volume Two of a Series of Text-Books Designed to Introduce the Student to the Methods and Principles of Scientific Psychology Volume 2
Facts and Fancies about Ferns
The Flag of Peace and Other Poems
The Introductory Articles of the Constitution of Illinois
The Harveian Oration Delivered at the Royal College of Physicians June 24 1882
The America Cup A Nautical Poem Descriptive of the Five International Races Between the Yacht Livonia Representing the Twelve Yacht Clubs of the Royal Yacht Squadron of England and the Yachts Columbia and Sappho of the New York Yacht Club for the Pos
Master Gregorys Cunning and Other Tales
The Evil Eye
Maternity Without Suffering
Auction Bridge Crimes A Satirical Arraignment of Twenty Common Faults of Our Partners with Illustrative Hands Showing the Nature of the Offenses and Their Unfortunate Results All Carefully Indexed for Quick Reference Also a Composite Scoring Table and
Sisters of Mercy Sisters of Misery Or Miss Sellon in the Family With Some Remarks on a Reply to J Spurrell Two Letters to E Coleridge [By PLSellon]
Deutsche Romantik Volume 1
Young Men and Prayer
Industrial Education a Necessary Part of Public Education A Paper Read Before the American Institute of Instruction Saratoga July 13 1882
Index to Short Stories An Aid to the Teacher of Children
Geological Report on the Chibougamau Mining Region in the Northern Part of the Province of Quebec
Christ and Democracy
AASA Official Report Including a Record of the Annual Convention
Graded City Speller Second-[Eighth] Year Grades
Law and God
Catalogue of a Collection of Early Newspapers and Essayists Formed by the Late John Thomas Hope Esq and Presented to the Bodleian Library by the Late Frederick William Hope
England and Yesterday A Book of Short Poems
Christs Teaching and Influence on the World a Lect by the BP of Ely
Hafed the Persian A Play in Four Acts
Addresses on Educational and Economical Subjects
Chips from a Rough Ashlar Knocked Off by the Gavel of Common Sense A Discourse on the Ritual and Ceremonial of Freemasonry
Educational Psychology A Treatise for Parents and Educators
The Atonement and Sacrament of the Lords Supper Considered with Reference to Certain Popular Objections
Home Sanitation A Manual for Housekeepers
The Lost Charm and Other Poems
Catalogue of Books in the Library of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec
Fall-Bearing Strawberry Secrets Gathered from Personal Experience and Now Disclosed for the First Time
The Religion of Ancient Rome
A City with a Sky Line and a Water Front and the Spirit That Does Things
California and Other Verse
State Control of Courses of Study With Appendices on Religious Instruction and the Grading of School Systems
The Register of the Malden Historical Society Issue 7
A Day with John Keats
Brahman A Study on the History of Indian Philosophy
Scenes from the Great Novelists Adapted and Arranged for Amateur Performance
Wild Flowers Showing Where to Gather Them How to Preserve Them [C]
Annual Report of the Receipts and Expenditures of the City of Concord Volume 1884
Rafterys Poems Songs of Life Love and Liberty
A Chapter of Autobiography
Versification of the Cauderna Via as Found in Berceos Vida de Santo Domingo de Silos Volume 7
Reliques of the Anglo-Saxon Churches of St Bridget and St Hildeburga West Kirkby Cheshire with Some of Their Sepulchral Monuments
Roes Hotel Guide for Commercial Travellers 1876
A Short Description of Castleton in Derbyshire
The Mysteries of Tobacco
The Fountain of Youth [Electronic Resource]
A Brief History of the Beginning of the Mission Work in Nicomedia by the American Board of Foreign Missions
Two Dollars a Day from Poultry and Eggs a Book for Beginners How to Start a Poultry Plant and Make It Pay
Jeremiah in the Dungeon 4 Discourses Also a Discourse to Young Persons [On Exod XVI 36] and a Discourse [On Jer I 6] Delivered on the Day of the Writers Ordination
The Young Crossing Sweepers Or Wee Stan and Little Llew
The Life and Adventures of Bampfylde Moore Carew Commonly Called the King of the Beggars Being an Impartial Account of His Life from His Leaving Tiverton School at the Age of Fifteen and Entering Into a Society of Gipsies Wherein the Motives of His Co
Dr Burnets Appendix to the Ninth Chapter of the State of the Dead Tr by Mr Foxton
Petite Phonetique Comparee Des Principales Langues Europeennes
Such Is Life Or the Experiences of a West Country Painter Containing Many Interesting Events and Incidents Connected with His Own History in Exeter London Windsor and Oxford from 1836 to 1876
The Mineral Baths of Bath The Bathes of Bathes Ayde in the Reign of Charles 2nd Whereunto Is Annexed a Visit to Bath in the Year 1675 by a Person of Quality
The Greek Orators Considered as Historical Authorities The Arnold Prize Essay for 1866
Godfrida A Play in Four Acts
Exhibition of the Royal Academy
Letters from the Nile
Life and Death As Taught in Scripture
Pathological Inquiries and Observations in Surgery From the Dissections of Morbid Bodies With an Appendix Containing Twelve Cases on Different Subjects
Poems Secular Serious and Sacred
Cosas de Antano Cronicas Peruanas
Esther Burrs Journal
Easy Lectures Addressed to the Cottagers of a Favourite Village
Hymns on the Psalms by the Author of The Book of Psalms of David
Order of Administration of the Lords Supper and Baptism The Forms of Solemnization of Matrimony and of the Burial of the Dead Together with the Ordination Service
Uber Den Einfluss Der Dunkelheit Auf Die Ausbildung Der Blatter Und Ranken Einiger Papilionaceen
School Reports as a Means of Securing Additional Support for Education in American Cities
English (the Granville) History Readers
An Account of the Progress of the Reformation of Manners in England Scotland and Ireland and Other Parts of Europe and America With Some Reasons and Plain Direction for Our Hearty and Vigorous Prosecution of This Glorious Work in a Letter to a Frien
The Methodist Ministry Defended Or a Reply to the Arguments in Favour of the Divine Institution and the Uninterrupted Succession of Episcopacy As Being Essential to a True Church and a Scriptural Ministry As Stated in a Letter to the Author by the
A Dream of Empire
The Ayrshire Homes and Haunts of Burns
The Subject of Missions Considered Under Three New Aspects Tr by L Kirkpatrick
Selected Homilies Edited by Henry Sweet
The Antiquities of the County of Norfolk
Blind Amos and His Velvet Principles
An Inquiry Into the Nature and Benefits of an Agricultural Survey of the State of South Carolina
Annual Report Volume 1894
A True Method of Treating Light Hazely Ground Or an Exact Relation of the Practice of Farmers in Buchan Containing Rules for Infields Outfields Haughs and Laighs
The Association Secretaryship
An Oration Delivered in St Philips Church Before the Inhabitants of Charleston on the Fourth of July 1809
Objections to the Doctrines of Israels Future Restoration to Palestine National Pre-Eminence C in Twelve Letters to a Friend [By E Swaine] by E Swaine
A Visit to Uncle Toms Cabin
The Second Visitation Charge of George Ridding DD Bishop of Southwell To Which Are Added Some Considerations on the Holy Communion Being Replies to Questions Asked in the Diocese in the Last Four Years Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
A History of British Reptiles
A Discourse Delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Royal Society of Literature by the President [T Burgess]
Songs from the Seasons
The Will a Comedy in Five Acts
A School System as an Educational Laboratory
The Droeshout Portrait of William Shakespeare An Experiment in Identification with Thirty-One Illustrations
Refraction of the Eye Its Diagnosis and the Correction of Its Errors with Chapter on Keratoscopy
Washington A Drama in Five Acts
The Paradise of Fools Or the Wonderful Adventures of Beelzebub Bubble a Satire on Somebody
Centennial Chronology of the County of Luzerne 1776-1876
Tales of Old New York Volume 2
Fletcher of Saltoun
Songs to Save a Soul
Lilians Promise
Wing-Shadows of Fancy
Register of the Commandery of Ohio from February 7 1883 to July 31 1893
Dolly Travers Inheritance
To Barbara with Other Verses
Threads for the Souls Garment
Catalogue of the Relics
Two Lectures on the History of the American Union
Civic Songs
Report of the Connecticut Pomological Society Volume 13th 1903-04
An Expose of the Conduct of Joseph H Bradley of Washington DC Counsellor Employed by the Imperial Russian Legation Towards Major G Tochman of New York Counsellor Retained by the Next of Kin and Heirs at Law of Gen Thadeus Kosciusko December
Thoughts and Experience in Verse
Sunshine and Shadow Verses in Connection with a Ministry of Fifty Years
Tentative Roster of the Third Regiment South Carolina Volunteers Confederate States Provisional Army Volume 2
Taught by Mail a Play in Three Acts
Trains Union Speeches
Trzene A Masque of the Gods Etc
The Dove on the Cross and Other Thoughts in Verse [Signed JEB]
The Place-Names of Cambridgeshire
A Football Romance A College Play in Four Acts
Syllabus for the Study of the National Period of the History of the United States
Helps in Teaching Reading by Martha S Hussey
de Quelques Discussions Recentes Sur Les Origines Du Christianisme Le Docteur Baur --Le Docteur Neander Et M Ernest Renan
The Napoleon Myth
Bequeathed Mid-Ocean
The Sunny Side of Bereavement
Memorial of Daniel C Brown A M Late Master of the Bowdoin School Boston Mass Not Published
An Essay on Indian Economics and Its Relation to Social Psychic Political and Linguistic Conditions in India and on the Laws of Economic Evolution and on the Acceptability of Socialistic Measures and the Future Outlook
Proceedings at the Annual Lincoln Dinner of the National Republican Club in Commemoration of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln Volume 17
The Flow of Liquids in Pipes
The Algonquian Series Volume 1
The Seventh Christmas
The Cleveland Medical Gazette Volume 3 Issue 10
The Sermon on the Mount And Other Extracts from the New Testament A Verbatim Translation from the Greek with Notes on the Mystical or Arcane Sense
Liverpool Medical Surgical Reports Volume 3
The Comprehensive Method of Teaching Reading Book 1
The Life and Work of Francis Jacob Ruth a Pioneer of Lutheranism in North-Western Ohio
Eglogs Epytaphes Sonettes 1563 Three Copies Only at Present Known
Journal of the Convention Holden at Montpelier on the 6th Day of January AD 1836 Agreeable to the Ordinance of the Council of Censors Made on the 16th Day of January 1835 Together with the Amendments of the Constitution as Adopted by the Conventi
Bergens Museums Skrifter Volume 1
Live Questions in Psychology and Metaphysics Six Lectures Selected from Those Delivered to the Classes in Cornell University
Legal Advice and Instructions to Businessmen With an Appendix Containing Forms
Selections from Occasional Addresses
The Tailor Made Girl Her Friends Her Fashions and Her Follies
Beliefs about Man
The Catholic Church An Epitome of Its Sacred History [By JBAA and FN Blanchet Tr] by Mrs Morell
115 Experiments on the Carrying Capacity of Large Riveted Metal Conduits Up to Six Feet Per Second of Velocity of Flow
An Abstract of the British West Indian Statutes for the Protection and Government of Slaves
Aunt Marys Tales For the Entertainment and Improvement of Little Boys Addressed to Her Nephews
Report of the President of Harvard College and Reports of Departments
Graphic Algebra Or Geometrical Interpretation of the Theory of Equations of One Unknown Quantity by AW Phillips and W Beebe
Establishment of a National Botanical Garden Hearing Before a Joint Committee on the Library Congress of the United States Sixty-Sixth Congress Second Session on S 497 a Bill to Increase the Area of the United States Botanic Garden in the City of W
A Nyary-Fele 1842 Evi
Martyr A Tragedy of Belguim Drama in Five Acts
The Boards of Trade General Arbitrations ACT
Motorischen Wortvorstellungen Die
Correspondence Respecting the European Crisis
Keeuka and Other Poems
The Gold Fish of Gran Chimu
History of Biology
Address Delivered July 4 1876 at Lancaster Massachusetts by Request of the Citizens
Greater New York Album One Hundred Selected Views New York City Brooklyn Staten Island Etc Fro
Pastoral Exhortations Or the Church Instructed and the Young Invited 2 Sermons
These Pour La Licence
A Manual on Earthwork
Saint Indefatigable A Sketch of the Life of Amarancy Paine Sarle
The Magazine Style-Code A Manual for the Guidance of Authors Reporters and All Who Write Largely Codified from the System of Theodore Low de Vinne from the Century Magazine the Century Companys Books and the Treatises of F Horace Teall Abbrev
Vieldeutigkeit Des Urtheiles Die
de JC Scaligeri Poetice Facultati Litterarum Parisiensi Thesim Proponebat
The Diddler
Nala and Damayanti And Other Poems
Rules for Admission to the Civil Service of the City
Officers Committees Act of Incorporation Constitution List of Members
Psychography A Treatise on One of the Objective Forms of Psychic or Spiritual Phenomena
The Arm! the Sword! and the Hour! Or the Legend of the Enchanted Knights Freely Versified and Amplified from the German of Musaeus
The History of the Lowell Institute
Musa Burschicosa A Book of Songs for Students and University Men
Letter of Gerrit Smith to REV James Smylie of the State of Mississippi
Helen Ruthven Waterston Printed Not Published
The Annual Monitor for Or Obituary of the Members of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and Ireland Issue 49
Professional Papers Issue 19
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 54 Issue 8
Beiden an Maximianus Augustus Gerichteten Panegyrici Latini Die
Attila My Attila a Play
An Essay on the Question Whether the British Druids Offered Human Sacrifices
Statements of Co-Operative Associations Certified to Secretary of Commonwealth as Organized Under Chapter 290 Acts of 1866
The Chemistry of Dairying An Outline of the Chemical and Allied Changes Which Take Place in Milk and in the Manufacture of Butter and Cheese And the Rational Feeding of Dairy Stock
The Loves of Paul Fenly
The Story of Primitive Man
Bulletin Biological Series Volume 5
The Drygoodsmans Handy Dictionary
The Oak [Serial] Volume 1958
The Dress Horses Equipment of Infantry Staff Officers
Ancient Art of the Province of Chiriqui Colombia
Proceedings of the Lake Superior Mining Institute Volume 3
The Oak [Serial] Volume 1960
Scintillae Juris by ******S ***N ******G
The Secret History of a Private Man
I Government Forestry Abroad
The Tariff Policy of England and of the United States Contrasted
The Influence of Christianity on the Language of Modern Europe by WJ Rees and W Ayerst Essays Which Obtained the Hulsean Prize 1855
Constitution and By-Laws of the Sacramento Society of California Pioneers and List of Officers and Members
A California Pilgrimage
The A B C of the Foreign Exchanges a Practical Guide
The Housewifes Treasure a Manual of Information on Everything That Relates to Household Economies
On the Birds Highway
The Lttle Manx Nation
Diphtheria Its Nature and Treatment Varieties and Local Expressions
Robert Montgomery and His Reviewers With Some Remarks on the Present State of English Poetry and on the Laws of Criticism
Matabeleland The War and Our Position in South Africa
Portugal Delivered a Poem
Reflexions on the Sources of Incredulity with Regard to Religion By the Right Honourable Duncan Forbes
Mr Gladstones Religious Development A Paper Read in Christ Church May 5 1899
Kensington Gardens a Poem
Falstaffs Letters Repr with Notices of the Author
Clivus Elementary Exercises in Latin Elegiac Verse
Life Through the Lotos A Romance in Poetry
Liverpool in Eighteen Hundred Twenty-Five a Satire [In Verse] by Jeremy Jumper
Graded Poetry Readers Issue 6
Of Such Is the Kingdom And Other Poems
Anglo-Indian Prize Poems in Commemoration of the Visit of the Prince of Wales to India [Ed by WS Thomson]
Observations on the Functions of the Liver More Especially with Reference to the Formation of the Material Known as Amyloid Substance or Animal Dextrine and the Ultimate Destination of This Substance in the Animal Economy
Tourists Guide to Berkshire Some Preliminary Remarks as to Its Early History Antiquities Worthies C
Essays by George Barker Ba
Nobody Cares
Cynthia And the Legend of Cassandra
Washingto in Domestic Life
The Prometheus of Aeschylus With Notes for the Use of Colleges in the United States
A Romance of the Willow
A Study of Educational Conditions in Mexico and an Appeal for an Independent College
The Alcestis Rugby Ed by A Sidgwick
Association Its Divine Origin and Purpose A Sermon
A Discourse Delivered Before the Rhode-Island Historical Society January 13 1847 Published at the Request of the Society Volume 1
Care of the Consumptive
Before the Throne
The Thread of Destiny a Comedy-Drama in Three Acts
An Address Delivered in the First Parish Beverly October 2 1867 on the Two-Hundredth Anniversary of Its Formation
The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria
Animal and Vegetable Substances Used in the Arts and Manufactures Explanatory of Dexters Cabinet of Objects
From Recent Photographs
The Laws of War on Land
Dinner to Honorable James Fitzgerald
The First Division
The Pageant of the Illinois Country
A Peculiar People
The Reformers of the Anglican Church and Mr Macaulays History of England
The Spirit World a Poem And Scenes from the Life of Christ
The Regulated Area of the Circle And the Area of the Surface of the Sphere
Some Notes on Java and Its Administration by the Dutch
Life at the Lees
First Steps in Arithmetic Part 1
Riquet of the Tuft A Love Drama
Letters in the Devonshire Dialect by Nathan Hogg
Preaching in the New Age An Art and an Incarnation
Tourists Guide to Essex With Some Preliminary Remarks as to Its Early History Antiquities Worthies Etc Etc
Summary of the Proceedings of the New City Prison Commission of the City of New York With Accompanying Reports and Plans
Report of the Joint Legislative Committee for the Investigation of the Finances of the City of New York
Arcana Saitica Briefly Discussed in Three Essays on the Masonic Tracing Boards
Conservation of Men Address to the Operating Men of the Chicago North Western Railway on the Prevention of Accidents
Arrivals of Alien Passengers and Immigrants in the United States from 1820 to 1892
Winchester Word-Book A Collection of Past Present Notions
Little Songs
Red Books of the British Fire Prevention Committee Volumes 50-59
Wirkung in Die Ferne Und Anderes
Reports of the Trustees and Resident Officers of the Maine State Hosppitals
British Sewage Works And Notes on the Sewage Farms of Paris and on Two German Works
Alkibla a Disquisition Upon Worshiping Towards the East by a Master of Arts of the University of Oxford [W Asplin ] Part 1
Outposts of the Fleet Stories of the Merchant Service in War and Peace
Siege of Newport
Social--To Save A Book of Suggestions for the Social Committees of Christian Endeavor Societies and for the Home Circle
Epistola Quinti Horatii Flacci Ad Pisones Sive de Arte Poetica Liber Ex Recens G Baxteri Ad Fidem Ed M Gesneri Anglicanam Versionem Addidit Annotationibusque Copiosis Locupletavit TB Aylmer
Political Suicide Or the Death of England by Her Own Hands by the Author of Nimrods Letters
The Freshman and His College A College Manual
Bible Vindicated A Series of Essays on American Slavery
Freemen and Slaves an Historical Tragedy
Building-Law of the Town of Brookline Adopted March 31 1903 Approved by the Superior Court May 11 1903
Tourists Guide to the County of Sussex
Miscellaneous Reports on Woods and Plantations in a Letter
Second Letter to Ministers of the Gospel of All Denominations on Slavery
Popular Astronomy from The Museum of Science and Art
A Catalogue of Books Relating Principally to America Arranged Under the Years in Which They Were Printed
An Outline of Local Government and Local Taxation in England and Wales (Excluding the Metropolis) Together with Some Considerations for Amendment
My Queen
Studies for Pictures A Medley
The Star of Bethlehem A Miracle Play of the Nativity Reconstructed from the Towneley and Other Old English Cycles (of the XIIIth Xivth and Xvth Centuries)
Manual of Physical Diagnosis For the Use of Students and Physicians
A Treatise on Gems In Reference to Their Practical and Scientific Value
New-World Speller
The How and Why of Electricity A Book of Information for Non-Technical Readers
Report of the Sex Education Sessions of the Fourth International Congress on School Hygiene and of the Annual Meeting of the Federation at Buffalo New York August 27th and 29th 1913
Counsel to Parents on the Moral Education of Their Children
Studies in Gynecology and Obstetrics
Review of a Report to the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on the Case of William Vans With Observations Upon the Dispensing Power of the Legislature and Upon a Decision of the Supreme Judicial Court Nullifying the Said
Bird or Feather Convention
Review of American Chemical Research Volume 4
Mother of Mine
Rules and Regulations of the National Turf Bureau
Proceedings of the Tax-Payers Convention of South Carolina Held at Columbia Beginning February 17 and Ending February 20 1874
Physiology and Psychology of Education
Record of Teachers Certificates Issued Renewed Duplicated and Extended from February 1 to December 31 1918
Year-Book Volume 4
Tisayac of the Yosemite
Timothy D Sullivan (Late a Representative from New York) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States Sixty-Third Congress Proceedings in the House June 21 1914 Proceedings in the Senate September 15 1913 Volum
Thirty Years at the Cutting-Board Being a Work Designed to Assist the Student to Acquire Knowledge in the Art of Cutting Containing a Series of Diagrams Laid Down to Measure
Selected Poems from the Following Volumes Light of Asia Light of the World
Vagous Verse
Trespass on National Forests of Forest Service District I
Memorial Blendings of Ideal and Real Volume 1
A Model Mayor Early Life Congressional Career and Triumphant Municipal Administration of Hon Fernando Wood Mayor of the City of New York Presenting His Public Speeches and Messages and the Principles on Which His Government Is Founded
Relishes of Rhyme
The Trinity of the United States of America The Declaration of Independence the Federal Constitution and the Star Spangled Banner Delivered at the Columbia Theatre Washington D C September 8th 1904
Philadelphia and Its Environs
Proceedings at the Dedication of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Providence to Which Is Appended a List of the Deceased Soldiers and Sailors Whose Names Are Sculptured Upon the Monument Volume 2
Poems and Selections with an Address
Proceedings of the New York State Historical Association Annual Meeting with Constitution and By-Laws and List of Members Volume 14
Report on the New Mexico State Educational Intsitutions [!] and the General Education System of New Mexico
The Smokers Yearbook
Vital Resources Or How to Become Physiologically Younger and Stronger Being a Scrutiny Into the Domain of the Laws to Which Nature Sometimes Marvelously Resorts for Aid in Its Restorative Powers
A Third Letter to Lord John Russell Containing Some Remarks on the Ministerial Speeches Delivered During the Late Sugar Debates with an Appendix Containing Copies of the Despatches of Sir C Grey and Lord Harris
A Revision of the Tenebrionid Subfamily Conintina
The Winslow Register 1904
A Study of the Chromosomes of the Germ Cells of Metazoa
The Future Life Four Sermons Preached at St Johns Notting Hill in June 1915
A Dissertation on the Antiquities of the Priory of Great Malvern in Worcestershire
A Vocabulary of the English and Malay Languages Volume 2
A View of the Causes and Consequences of the Present War with France
A Brief History of the Andrew Putman (Buttman Putnam) Christian Wyandt (Weyandt Weygandt Voint Wyand) and Adam Snyder Families (Schneider) of Washington County Maryland Volume 1
The Postmans Knock
A Practical Dietary Computer
Biennial Report Volume 15
Devon A Poem
The Conduct of Composition Work in Grammar Schools
The American Citizens Manual of Reference
The Brown Dusk
The Epidemic Fever in Bengal
The Fisheries of Canada
The German How to Give It How to Lead It How to Dance It
Newmans First Lessons A Primary Mental Arithmetic Or the Arabic Arithmetical Alphabet and the Elementary Numerical Tables
American Pheasant Breeding and Shooting
Prognosis and Treatment of Diseases of the Heart
A Discourse Before the Young Mens Colonization Society of Pennsylvania Delivered October 24 1834 in St Pauls Church Philadelphia
Class of 89 Decennial
Sex Education and National Health
The Locked Chest and the Sweeps of Ninety-Eight Two One Act Plays
Historical Introduction to Studies Among the Sedentary Indians of New Mexico Report on the Ruins of the Pueblo of Pecos
Report Issue 32
Biographical Memoirs of Extraordinary Painters
Alphabetical List of Additions Made to the War Department Libraty from May 1884 to June 1891
The Charter of the City of Richmond Approved May 24-Amended July 11 1870 And the City Ordinances Passed Since the Late Edition of the Ordinances in 1869
Physical Culture
Tin Describing the Chief Methods of Mining Dressing Smelting It Abroad
Report of School Work and School Conditions
The Youths Assistant in Theorhetic [Sic] and Practical Arithmetic Designed for the Use of Schools in the United States
Calendar Giving Details of the Course of Instruction for Each Class in the Sydney Technical College
Occasional Sermons Chiefly Preached at S Pauls
Hereward A Tragedy in a Prologue Four Acts
First Book of Homers Iliad with Notes [C] by E Fowle (Taken Out of Second Easy Greek Reading Book)
On the Treatment of Spinal Curvatures by Extension and Jacket With Remarks on Some Affections of the Hip Knee and Ankle Joints
Zephyrs With an Introduction
Duke Carl of Rosenmold An Imaginary Portrait
Appropriation Bill
Flower Poems
After the Day a Collection of Post-War Impressions
Airplanes and Safety
Alternating and Interrupted Electric Currents Being Based Upon Three Lectures Delivered to the Members of the Royal Institution
Brighton Day
A Laboratory Handbook for Dietetics
Prospective View from Pikes Peak
And Billy Disappeared a Clean Comedy of Mystery in Four Acts
Annals of Fort Mackinac
William Penn Tr from the German of Hugo Oertel
Annual Report and Manual
Niagara and Other Poems
XXXIII Love Sonnets
Year Book Volume 2
Better Country Schools for Missouri
Pocket Tokens and Other Poems
Chimes for Church-Children
War History Tide Water Companies
Drives in Northampton and Vicinity
Dedication of the Monument to the 126th Regiment NY Infantry on the Battlefield of Gettysburg
David and Bathshua a Drama in Five Acts
Badlands and Broncho Trails
Ellis County Illustrated Annual and Saturday Review Year Book for 1881
Chirping from the Nest [Poems
Cousin Kate
Dream Music
Bad Day on the Farm
Blairs Outlines of Chronology Ancient and Modern
History of the Battle of Lake Erie (September 10 1813 ) and Reminiscences of the Flagship Lawrence
Indian Appropriation Bill Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee
Letter to the Edinburgh Reviewers
Drift from York-Harbor Maine
Complete G A R Song Book
Farmington the Rose City
Hearings on House Resolution No 179 Authorizing the Committee on Labor to
Defense of Capt Richard W Meade Tried for the Loss of the United States Steamer San Jacinto
Fifth Avenue Events a Brief Account of Some of the Most Interesting Events Which Have Occurred on the Avenue
For Thy Names Sake and Other Poems
Gladstone and the Irish Grievances
A Simple Method of Keeping Books by Double-Entry Without the Formula or Trouble of the Journal to Which Is Added a Number of the Most Rapid and Accurate Methods of Making Commercial Calculations
A Gallery of Farmer Girls
The Soothsayer
A Vacation Ramble in Germany
A Pastoral Letter from the Right REV CW Sandford DD Bishop of Gibraltar to the Clergy and Laity of the Diocese Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Moody Days
The Disobedient Child By Thomas Ingelend
The Quarterly Journal of Agriculture Volume V7 No2 July 1859
A Medley of Poems Puns and Conundrums
A Sketch of the Life and Character of the Late Dr
The Mechanic Falls Register 1904
Private Devotion a Selection of Prayers by a Lady of the Established Church
The Men of 05
A Companion to the Baptismal Font an Abridgment of a Treatise on Baptism
Collations from the Harlean Ms of Cicero 2682
Report of the Executive Committee Mayors Committee on National Defense New York City November Twenty-First 1917
Abba Father Or the Religion of Everyday Life
Investigation Made by the State Board of Horticulture of the California Olive Industry Development of the Industry Unfruitfulness of Varieties Methods of Culture Pruning Processing of Fruit Etc Report to Governor Gage
Annual Report of the Department of Factory Inspection of the State of Indiana Volume 1897
The Primary Gift of 275 Letter Cards in Print and Script
A New Conversation Grammar of the German Language
A Discourse Delivered Before the Maine Historical Society Volume 2
The Story of Georgia for Georgia Boys and Girls
The Election of Mr Lincoln A Narrative of the Contest in 1860 for the Presidency of the United States
The REV William Morley Punshon LLD a Memorial Sermon with Some Personal Reminiscences
The Grape Root-Worm [Fidia Viticida] with Special Reference to Investigations in the Erie Grape Belt from 1907 to 1909
Irish Made Easy Being Lessons Songs Etc in Simplified Spelling
Pictures of Youthful Holiness
Catalogue of the Species of Entozoa or Intestinal Worms Contained in the Collection of the British Museum
Wanted--A Match Maker
Rambling Reflections in Greenwood With a Description of the Same in 1853
Annual Report on the Vital Statistics of Massachusetts Births Marriages Divorces and Deaths Volume 6
A Poets Last Songs
A Dissertation on Sacred Chronology
Education for Efficiency A Discussion of Certain Phases of the Problem of Universal Education with Special Reference to Academic Ideals and Methods
The Moral Universe
A Letter to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury on Some Circumstances Connected with the Present Crisis in the English Church
Transactions of the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Mauritius Volume New Ser V11 (1883)
Alice Franklin A Tale
Proceedings of the Senate of the State of New York on the Death of Hon Henry R Low
Chemical Analysis of Lead and Its Compounds
The Garden That Paid the Rent
Anvil Sprak Some Radical Rhymes and Caustic Comments
John Heywoods Paragon Readers
The House of Orchids and Other Poems
The Horse of Another Color
The Holy Days of the Church
Freight Rates Official Classification Territory and Eastern Canada Volume 3
The Illinois Central Rail-Road Company Offers for Sale Over 2000000 Acres Selected Farming and Wood Lands in Tracts of Forty Acres and Upwards to Suit Purchasers on Long Credits and at Low Rates of Interest Situated on Each Side of Their Rail-Road
A Strenuous Life a Merry Farce in Three Acts
The Midland Garner a Journal Containing Local Notes from the Banbury Guardian with Additional Articles Ed by JR Wodhams
The Delaware Bride and Other Poems
A Rubber Plant Survey of Western North America
Reflections on the Trial of the Prince de Polignac and His Colleagues Before the Chamber of Peers of France in 1830 a Letter to an Advocate of the Cour Royale at Paris
A Brief Topographical and Statistical Manual of the State of New-York
A Handbook of the South
Memoirs of the Late Framji Cowasji Banaji
Radium and Other Radio-Active Elements A Popular Account Treated Experimentally by Leonard A Levy and Herbert G Willis
Pleasant Words Containing a Choice Selection of Original Poems
An Historical Sketch of Sturbridge Mass from Its Settlement to the Present Time
Education and Ethics And Other Essays on Educational Subjects
The Gipsy Trail A Comedy in Three Acts
The Fiftieth Anniversary Year Book of the Second Presbyterian Church in Germantown Philadelphia 1907-1908
The Journal of the Maine Ornithological Society Volume V9 1907
An Exposition of Difficulties in West Brookfield
Biographical Sketches of the Governor Volume 1
Patriotism and the Super-State
The Physiology of the New-Born Infant Character and Amount of the Katabolism
Electro-Haemostasis in Operative Surgery
Reminiscences of James Whitcomb Riley By Clara E Laughlin
Agents Manual for the Use of Agents of the Association Only
Christopher Junior Comedy in Four Acts
Gathered Lilies Or Little Children in Heaven
Lincoln and Liquor
Annual Report of the Inspectors of the Philadelphia County Prison Made to the Legislature
He Who Won the World A Poem of the Twentieth Century Christ
With a Field Ambulance at Ypres Being Letters Written March 7-August 15 1915
From Lards Eerd to John-O-Groats Being an Account of His Recorded Walk in Which He Accomplished 908 1 2 Miles in 16 Days 21 Hours and 33 Minutes
The First Jubilee of American Independence And Tribute of Gratitude to the Illustrious Adams and Jefferson
A Christian Life and Its Close A Memorial of Alice Packwood [By J Packwood] To Which Is Appended a Sermon Preached by GW Robinson
A Statement of the Case of Brigadier-General Joseph W Revere United States Volunteers Tried by Court-Martial and Dismissed from the Service of the United States August 10th 1863 with a Map a Copy of the Record of the Trial and an Appendix
How to Catch
Narrative of a Voyage To and Travels in Upper Canada With Accounts of the Customs Character and Dialect of the Country Also Remarks on Emigration Agriculture C
The Rival Modes A Comedy as It Is Acted by His Majestys Company of Comedians at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane Written by James Moore Smythe Esq
University Magazines and Their Makers By Harry Currie Marillier Knyght Erraunt and Sometime Secretary to Ye Sette of Odd Volumes
Account Book of a Country Store Keeper in the 18th Century at Poughkeepsie Volume 2
A Letter to Lord Howick On a Legal Provision for the Irish Poor Commutation of Tithes and a Provision for the Irish Roman Catholic Clergy Volume 15
The Poetical Ladder Or a Selection of Poetry to Suit the Capacities of Children by a Lady
The Rambling Justice Or the Jealous Husbands with the Humours of Sir John Twiford as It Is Acted at the Theatre Royal
A Guide to the Methods of Handling Horses and the Treatment of Their Diseases
The First Book of Homers Iliad with a Vocabulary by JT White
The Governing Race A Book for the Time and for All Times
Adamitics an Essay on First Mans Language Or the Easiest Way to Learn Foreign Languages for the Use of Middle- And Highschools
Bits and Banters
Wine Women and Song Mediaeval Latin Students Songs Now First Translated Into English Verse with an Essay
Metrical Musings
The Exemplar of Penitence Meditations on the Fifty-First Psalm
Federal and State Military Organizations History of Certain Federal Troops Which by Reason of Short or Disputed Service Have No Pensionable Status and State Militias Which Were Actively Engaged in the Civil War for Different Periods of Time But Whic
Memoir of Mrs Jane Tucker Ed by HW Williams
Livermores Trustees Handbook A Manual for the Use of Trustees Executors Administrators Containing a Brief Statement of Their Powers and Duties Rights and Liabilities
A Vindication of the Claim of Alexander M W Ball of Elizabeth NJ to the Authorship of the Poem Rock Me to Sleep Mother
A Record of the Dedication of the Statue of Major General William Francis Bartlett
The Hindustani Manual a New Ed Carefully REV by Shamsul Ulama M Yusuf Jafari
The Second William Penn
A Letter of Friendly Remonstrance to the REV F Oakeley by an English Catholic and Convert [D Parsons]
A Treatise on Hysterical Affections
Statue of Zachariah Chandler Erected in Statuary Hall of the United States Capitol by the State of Michigan Volume 2
Foyers Et Coulisses Histoire Anecdotique Des Theatres de Paris Palais-Royal Volume 1
The Pioneers of Nashville and of Tennessee a Historical Novel of Narrative about the First Settlers of This Commonwealth of 1780
The Late Sir Robert Peel Bart a Critical Biography Repr with Additions from Frasers Magazine
Some Papers of Aaron Burr
A Generation of Progress in Our Public Schools 1881-1912 An Intimate History of the Public Education Association of Philadelphia Since Its Origin as a Volunteer Organization of Citizens Interested in the Welfare of Our Public Schools
The Charter and Ordinances of the City of Providence Together with the Acts of the General Assembly Relating to the City
Ueber Die Milchzellen Der Euphorbiaceen Moreen Apocyneen Und Asclepisdeen
Supplement to the Second Edition of a Classified Index to the Transactions Preceedings and Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London Including All the Memoirs and Notices Fron 1869 to 1875 Inclusive
Roosevelt A Study in Ambivalence
Railway Mail Pay-Trunk Lines Hearing Before the Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads United States Senate Sixty-Fourth Congress First Session on Bills Relating to Railway Mail Pay March 20 21 and 22 1916
Professional Paper - United States Geological Survey Issues 102-104
Reports of the Engineers of the Western Railroad Corporation Made to the Directors in 1836-7
Leaders in Respiratory Organs
Six Years in the Bush Or Extracts from the Journal of a Settler in Upper Canada 1832-1838
Alexander Hamilton An Essay
Lives of Celebrated Women Part 1
The Churchmans Companion A Help to Scriptural Knowledge
Annual Report Volume 26
Iris Leaf Blotch
Savery and Severy Genealogy (Savory and Savary) Supplement to the Genealogical and Biographical Record Published in 1893 Being a Continuation of the Notes Additions and Corrections in the Original Work from Page XX
First Steps in Philosophy (Physical and Ethical)
Some Late Words about Louisiana
T Nacci Plauti Captivi with an Intr Critical Apparatus and Notes by EA Sonnenschein Prelim Ed
Annual Report of the Commissioner of Naturalization
Neuter Il in Old French
Benjamin Franklin a Character Sketch
Indian Sketches Pere Marquette and the Last of the Pottawatomie Chiefs Volume 1
Freedom National
Cristofero Colombo
How to Succeed with the Home Orchard
Exercises in Sanders Theatre
Allegheny and Aurora and Other Poems
Constitution of the Cape Cod Association
Hearings Before the Committee on Mines and Mining
Daddys Love and Other Poems
Douglas a Tragedy in Five Acts
Company for George
Heart Lines [Poems]
Experience and Personal Narrative of Uncle Tom Jones Who Was for Forty Years a Slave Also the Surprising Adventures of Wild Tom of the Island Retreat a Fugitive Negro from South Carolina
Flowers from Arcadia
Captain Gustavus Conyngham A Sketch of the Services He Rendered to the Cause of American Independence
Charlotte Temple
Centennial Book of Reference
Addresses Delivered Before the Vermont Historical Society
Claflins Red Book of Rambles
An Early Bird A Comedy in Three Acts
Good Things to Eat Being a Collection of Recipes Which Have Passed the Crucial Test of Experience
The Way of the Air
Songs by the Way A Collection of Original Poems for the Comfort and Encouragement of Christian Pilgrims
Poems for Young Judaeans
The Web of Destiny How Made and Unmade
The Historic Jesus
A Study of the Little Child for Teachers of Beginners
Loreley Die
The Maiden A Story for My Young Countrywomen
The Bocootawanaukes Or the Fire Nation With Historical and Ethnological Notes
First Steps in Geometry
Quests for Salvation in New Testament Times
At the Open Door
Rowen Second Crop Songs
Foreign Exchange Theory and Practice
Catholicism the True Rationalism or Four Links in a Chain of Reasoning
Boyle Farm A Poem [By F S Egerton]
New Departures in Collegiate Control and Culture
Proprietors Records of Tyng Township
Mineral Tables for the Determination of Minerals by Their Physical Properties
Nonpareil Corkboard Insulation for Cold Storage Warehouses Ice Plants Breweries Packing Plants Fur Storage Vaults Dairies Creameries Ice Cream Plants Refrigerators Freezing Tanks and Generally Wherever Refrigeration Is Employed or a Heat Insulati
Orestes in Argos A Tragedy in Five Acts
Autographs of Cloud and Sunbeam in England and Italy
The Mythe of Life Four Sermons with an Introduction on the Social Mission of the Church
A Clinical Report of Operative Surgery in the Service of Dr William T Bull At the New York Hospital During October and November 1889 and from February to June 1890
The Maid of Orleans with an Intr and Notes by A Bernays
A Treatise on Modern Geography
Manual of International Classification of Causes of Death Adopted by the United States Census Office for the Compilation of Mortality Statistics for Use Beginning with the Year 1900
Proceedings at the Opening of the Forestry Building May 15 1914 Open Meeting of the Society of American Foresters May 16 1914
The Choristers Guide
The Spell of the Image a Comedy in a Prologue and Three Acts for Ten Men and Ten Women
The Substance of Two Inaugural Addresses Delivered the Former October 20th 1841 the Latter July 7th 1842
The Forks of the Road
A Course of Instruction in the Qualitativ [!] Chemical Analysis of Inorganic Substances
A Familiar Explanation of the Higher Parts of Arithmetic
Over the Hills to Broadway
Oaten Reeds Poems
The Entomologist Volume 24
The Correct Street Directory of the City of Philadelphia
Catalogue of the Species of Corbiculadae in the Collection of Temple Prime Now Forming Part of the Collection of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Cambridge Massachusetts
The Hudson Other Poems
Niagara And Other Poems
The Sanitation of Recreation Camps and Parks
The War God
Sketches of Piety In the Life and Religious Experiences of Jane Pearson
The Character and Public Services of Abraham Lincoln
The Graded School Speller Book 1
Watsons Magazine [Serial] Volume 216 (1915)
A Key to the New Testament [By T Percy]
Manual of Interior Guard Duty United States Army 1914 Corrected to April 15 1917 (Changes No 1)
A Popular Introduction to Rifled Ordnance by an Artilleryman
An Open Letter Addressed to Sir Moses Montefiore Bart on the Day of His Arrival in the Holy City of Jerusalem Sunday 22 Tamooz 5635 AM-July 25 1875
The Restoration of Europe
The Infancy of the Union a Discourse Delivered Before the New York Historical Society Thursday December 19 1839
Britain and the Gael
The Sunlit Hours
The Ninety and Nine
The Law of Married Women in Massachusetts
A Historical Address Delivered at the Commemoration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the First Annual Town Meeting of the Town of Salisbury Oct 20 AD 1841
The Life of Abraham Lincoln for Young People Told in Words of One Syllable
Our Foreign Relations Showing Presistent Perils from England and France Speech of Hon Charles Sumner Before the Citizens of New York at the Cooper Institute Sept 10 1863
The Natural History of the Idler Upon Town
Second Address of the Central Committee of Fauquier to the People of That County on the Army Bill Volume 2
49 the Gold-Seeker of the Sierras
Oration Delivered at the Request of the City Authorities of Salem July 4 1842
Smiths Interest Tables at Five Six Seven Per Cent Per Annum Showing the Interest on Any Sum from $100 to $10000 from One Day to Five Years
Albert S Pease Selections from His Poems
Peace Poems and Sausages
Journal of the Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of North Carolina [Serial] Volume 95th(1911)
Catalogue of the Species of Entozoa or Intestinal Worms Contained in the Collection of the British Museum
The Farmers Land-Measurer Or Pocket Companion Showing at One View the Content of Any Piece of Land from Dimensions Taken in Yards
An Essay Upon the National Credit of England Introductory to a Proposal Prepard for Establishing the Public Credit Humbly Submitted to the Honourable House of Commons
Inaugural Proceedings at the Opening of the New City Hall
Extracts from the Records of Colchester with Some Transcripts from the Recording of Michaell Taintor
Emblem Volume Yr1923
Hand-Book of Durham North Carolina A Brief and Accurate Description of a Prosperous and Growing Southern Manufacturing Town
Catalogue of Sanskrit and Pali Books in the British Museum
Ceremonies in Commemoration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln Philadelphia February 12 1909 Volume 1
Practical Lessons in Welsh in Imitation of the Natural Method
Congressional Directory Compiled for the Use of Congress Third Edition
Formicides de LAfrique Occidentale Et Australe Du Voyage de Mr Le Professeur F Silvestri
Epitaphs from the Cemetery on Worcester Common Volume 2
James A Garfield Volume 1
Hand Book of Battles in the War of the Rebellion Showing the Union Forces Engaged Therein 1861-1865
Flora of the Islands of Margarita and Coche Venezuela
In Memoriam Jonas Gilman Clark
Inscriptions from the Second Cemetery of Zions Lutheran Church West Sandlake Rensselaer County Ny
Historical Art Souvenir Detroit and Her Bi-Centenary July 24 25 26 1901
Centennial Celebration at Braintree Mass July 4 1876
Diamonds in the Rough Acres and Acres of Diamonds
Leisure Hours A Collection of Poems
Heat Treatment of Chrome Tungsten High Speed Tool Steels
Authority Abused by the Vindication of the Last Years Transactions and the Abuses Detected With Inlargements Upon Some Particulars More Briefly Touched in the Reflections Upon the Occurrences of the Last Year Together with Some Notes Upon Another Vind
Transactions of the American Microscopical Society Volume 36 Issue 3
Independency at Brighouse Or Bridge End Chapel Pastors and People
Contributions to Photographic Optics
1 Our Country--Its Peril--Its Deliverance 2 State of the Country
Drawings of Albrecht Durer
Civil and Religious Equality An Oration Delivered at the Fourth Commemoration of the Landing of the Pilgrims at Maryland
Commemoration of the Conquest of New Netherland on Its Two Hundredth Anniversary
The Declaration of Independence A Poem Commemorating the One Hundredth Anniversary of the National Birth-Day of the United States of America
At the Silver Gate
City of Minneapolis a Review of Her Growing Industries and Commercial Development Historical and Descriptive
History and Problems of Moslem Education in Bengal
Days and Deeds a Hundred Years Ago
Cuentos de California
Diary of Col Benamin Case
Catalogue of the Relics and Curiosities in Memorial Hall Deerfield Mass U S A Volume 2
Annual Report of the Entomologist of the State Experiment Station of the University of Minnesota to the Governor for the Year Volume 7th 1902
The Common Sense of Socialism A Series of Letters Addressed to Jonathan Edwards of Pittsburg
Evidence Taken by the Public Accounts Committee Respecting Steamers Earl Grey Canada and Montclam
The Old Bush Songs Composed and Sung in the Bushranging Digging and Overlanding Days
Hand Book of Salvador Bulletin Issue 58
Calendar and Syllabus Toronto College of Music -- Volume 1909
Inaugural Address Delivered to the University of Glasgow Nov 19 1873
The Circulation and Sleep Experimental Investigations Accompanied by an Atlas
Memoirs and Proceedings of the Manchester Literary Philosophical Society Volume 66 1921-1922
A Discourse The Substance of Which Was Delivered at the Annual General Meeting of the Baptist Missionary Society in Bristol (Eng) September 1818
A Local History of Camden Commencing with Its Early Settlement Incorporation and Public and Private Improvements Brought Up to the Present Day
How to Lay Out Suburban Home Grounds
Contributions to Pennsylvania History
Key to School Class Book of Arithmetic
A Summary of 1984-85 Program Statistics
Judge and the Colonel
A Freshwater Yarn by Brown Jones and Robinson Ed by Brown
Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Volume 1899
Proceedings of the Senate and Assembly of the State of New York in Relation to the Death of Ex-Senator Roscoe Conkling Held at the Capitol May 9 1888 Volume 2
A Laymans Life of Jesus
Annual Statements of the Banks and Savings Institutions of the State of New Jersey
Minnesota Its Advantages to Settlers 1869 Being a Brief Synopsis of Its History and Progress Climate Soil Agricultural and Manufacturing Facilities Commercial Capacities and Social Status Its Lakes Rivers and Railroads Homestead and Exemption
Isopoda (of the Coast of Ireland)
A Birds-Eye View of the Literature of Ethical Science Since the Time of Charles Darwin
A Dictionary of the Law of Elections With the Practice from the Issuing of the Writ to the Final Decision with an Appendix
Annual Report of the Inspectors of the State Prison of the State of Michigan for the Year
Manoah Or Promise of the Life That Now Is
Education and Not Instruction An Address Delivered at the Celebration of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of Salem College at Salem West Virginia June 12 1913
The Government of the United States
Report of the Committee of Seven on Adjustment of Educational Work in North Dakota with Reference to the Needs of the Times the Elementary Schools December 1909
A Primer of Greek Literature
The Polity of the Ancient Hebrews
The Invalidity of the Lay-Baptisms of Dissenting Teachers in Answer to a Late Pamphlet by Mr Shaw Intituled the Validity of Baptism Administered by Dissenting Ministers
A Web of Thoughts
The City of Toil and Dreams Verse
The Geology and Mineral Resources of a Portion of the Copper River District Alaska
Colcords System of Preserving Green Forage Without Heat or Fermentation by the Use of the Silo Governor
The National Idea in Italian Literature
The Two Bonanzas
A Glance at the History of Christianity and of English Nonconformity
The Natural History of British Shells Including Figures and Description of All the Species Hitherto Discovered in Great Britain Systematically Arranged in the Linnean Manner with Scientific and General Observations on Each Volume V4
The Traitor Lake and Other Poems
A Study of Lockes Theory of Knowledge
A Report on the Family History of the Chief Clans of the Roy Bareilly District
The Victory
The Federal System of the Argentine Republic
The Fooliam a Satire With Apologies to Pope and High Priests of Literature
Other Poems
The Relations of the Federal Government to Slavery Speech of Joseph K Edgerton Delivered at Fort Wayne Ind October 30th 1860
Wireless Telegraphy and Wireless Telephony An Understandable Presentation of the Science of Wireless Transmission of Intelligence
Amendments to Charter of the City of Hartford Passed by the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut 1921 and Ordinances of the City of Hartford Adopted July 1 1920 to October 1 1921 Inclusive
Letter of the Secretary of the Navy In Answer to a Resolution of the Senate of the 22d Ultimo Transmitting the Official Reports and Documents Conected with the Recent Engagements on the Mississippi River Which Resulted in the Capture of Forts Jackson
Statement Volume 3
Queens Quarterly Volume 14 Issue 2
A Silver Symposium Being an Analysis of the Money Issue Containing Vital Facts on Free Coinage with Unanswerable Questions Affecting This Campaign
What Shall I Say Analytic Outline Addresses Upon Religious and Social Topics
The Scholars Companion Or a Guide to the Orthography Pronunciation and Derivation of the English Language Arranged on the Basis of the 15th London Ed of Butters Etymological Spelling Book and Expositor
New York to Washington A Complete Guide Book of the Route from New York to Washington Describing All Stations on the Route and Containing a Full Description of the Three Cities of Philadelphia Baltimore and Washington
Pocket Guide Through Glasgow
Outline of Drawing Lessons for Grammar Grades
Favorite Recipes
Sky Rockets

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